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Are you looking for a fun, exciting way to make money this summer? If so, why not consider working in Sweden? You can have the fun of being in a different country while also taking advantage of a higher income than you may be able to get back home. Let’s take a closer look at working in Sweden.

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Where to work?

Sweden is a large country with several vibrant cities and an enormous expanse of countryside that extends northward into Lapland. Most jobs available for the summer tend to be in the cities – such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Vasteras, and Uppsala – but work may be available in the countryside as well, depending on your interest and experience.

What types of jobs can you do?

Most of the jobs on offer will consist of short-term or shift jobs. However, it may be possible to find an internship in your desired field that will offer you more specialized training and may lead to a full-time job in the future. You should spend some time looking around to get a sense of the different options out there.

How to get a visa

Citizens of the EU and EEA do not need a work visa to work in Sweden. Additionally, citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Korea can apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which will cover short-term employment. You can apply for this through the Swedish embassy in your home country, but you must have the visa before arriving in Sweden.

For citizens of other countries, you will need to secure a Swedish work permit. Additionally, if you plan to work in Sweden for more than three months, you will need a Swedish residency permit.

Money and cost of living

Sweden uses the krona, also known as SEK or “crown” in English, as currency. Currently, one pound is worth about 10 SEK. The average salary is about 30, 000 SEK per month, which can be a very comfortable income. Since Sweden is known for its high standard of living, many people choose to come to Sweden to work for exactly this reason. However, many of the cities are known for exciting nightlife and entertainment opportunities, so you may need to budget carefully.

What to pack

Ready to go yet? If you’ll be spending a summer working in Sweden, you will need to prepare correctly and bring the right clothes. The cities are known for fashion, art and entertainment, so you’ll want to bring proper going-out clothes. If you need stylish designer clothes for your summer abroad, check out New Look’s selection of dresses and men’s clothes.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter so much what you wear, but that you’re having an adventure. And what better way to have fun and make a profit than a summer job in Sweden? Book your trip now for a unique work and travel experience!