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Florida is the theme park mecca of the world. It has several well-known theme parks and is visited by tourists from across the region and the whole world every year. Visiting some of the theme parks in Florida makes you backtrack in time and think about your childhood. It’s always best to bring family along as this theme park can make everyone enjoy from old to young generations. Here is my top 5 list of the best theme parks in Florida.
Walt disney world
Walt Disney World Resort
Walt Disney World Resort is the world’s most-visited theme park, located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Covering 30,080 acres that includes 23 themed resort hotels, four theme parks, and two water parks. Walt Disney World Resort is best visited with your family and friends. Enjoy taking photos with cartoon characters that touched our hearts when we were kids. Visiting Disney world can bring back lots of memories from our childhood. A day is not enough to spend in this entertainment resort, but if you are planning to stay longer, you can book a day or more at the Disney World Resort hotels for a spa retreat to get the best out of the Walt Disney World Resort! So grab some Disney tickets and come on down!

Universal’s ‘Islands of Adventure’
Universal’s ‘Islands of Adventure’ is a theme park that caters towards a journey of exploration, where visitors cruise around to visit six islands that have some different and distinct themes all with a big emphasis on adventure. They recently opened the seventh island, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter and it quickly became the parks largest investment. This adventure theme park will make you explore a new journey live and will give you the ultimate adrenalin rush as it has amusements ride that can make you scream from the top of your lungs. This theme park is best visited solo or with friends, who want to enjoy a thrilling day so it’s certainly backpacker friendly.  So next time you want to visit remember to relax and let the journey lead the way!

Sea World Orlando
Sea World Orlando is a marine-life based theme park located near Orlando, Florida. This entertainment complex os devoted to the earths oceans and shows life deep beneath our seas. Visiting this theme park with kids is awesome, seeing them enjoying playing with dolphins at their dolphin shows is something truly magical. A shark exhibit caters to the more adventurous guests, so visitors can learn more about the sea’s most dangerous creatures. This theme park is not just for kids but its also for all ocean lovers. It’s never too late to see the underwater world up close.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
The Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is open year round. It features animal exhibits and other animal attractions. To get the most of this multi-park, ask about the ticket deals from Busch entertainment. The Rhino Rally safari, river rides, Edge of Africa safari, and many more animal exhibits will surely make your visit worth it as you will get to see animals from across the world. The Busch Gardens combines a zoo and a theme park only for visitors who would love to experience the animals closer, you’ll really feel like you’re in africa!

More Disney Parks
Walt Disney is more than a Magic Kingdom. Your kids and friends will also enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Visiting Disney is not enough for only a day, spending weeks in this magical place is possible as it has more theme parks to offer than anywhere else on the planet! The weather in Florida is prefect year round for enjoying days or even weeks here, it will never disappoint either as the theme parks open all year round so find yourself some Florida park tickets and see for yourself!