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Calgary, Alberta, Canada offers a variety of exciting places to shop for tourists and city residents. Whether shoppers seek high-quality items to purchase easily by credit cards or simply want to window shop, Calgary does not disappoint. The top three places to shop in Alberta’s largest city are Uptown 17th Avenue, Willow Park Village and Signal Hill Shopping Centre.

Willow Park Village

Willow Park Village

Uptown 17th Avenue

The shopping district Uptown 17th Avenue is referred to as the “Pulse of Calgary” for good reason. The shopping gem features over 200 locally-owned and operated boutiques that extend from 2nd Street to 14th Street SW. Support the community and have fun along the way!
The stores hold chic, elegant clothing, accessories and designer jewellery that are easily available by the simple swipe of a credit card. Other specialty shops offer sporting goods, flowers and books. Add in free parking and Uptown 17th Avenue holds its own as a top place to shop in Calgary, Alberta.

Willow Park Village
The open-air shopping mall Willow Park Village is a spot to behold in the large city of Calgary. Antique boutique shopping appears at its best with more than 60 shops and services in the Village.
The atmosphere at Willow Park Village resembles a European market square and also boasts award-winning restaurants to please any hungry shoppers. The shopping mall trumps the early European marketplaces with credit card access available for shoppers’ convenience at the time of purchase.
Signal Hill Shopping Centre
Based in West Calgary, Signal Hill Shopping Centre features retail shops, services and restaurants to meet a variety of personal tastes. The outdoor mall carries a variety of product categories, including arts and crafts, books, furniture, and both children’s and adult apparel.
While parking is at a premium for many shopping areas, parking at Signal Hill Shopping Centre is free. Shopping is also simplified with the ease of credit card transactions for exciting purchases made during the trip. When the centre combines with Westhills Shopping centre, there are over 110 shops and services to peruse.
There are key places to shop in Calgary for high-quality apparel and a variety of other items. The three top shopping destinations within the city are Signal Hill Shopping Centre, Willow Park Village and Uptown 17th Avenue. Along with an assortment of shops to visit, the Calgary locations also provide convenience by accepting credit cards, without having to worry about carrying cash around. Also, paying your shopping with your card could potentially lead you to rewards that you could later on use for more shopping.