General Travel Tips

Going on a cruise is something that many people enjoy and more and more people are opting for a cruise every year instead of flying, as it affords people the opportunity to travel to multiple destinations without having to worry about the logistics. Some cruises even last for up to a year, so you can imagine the number of countries that the passengers have the opportunity to visit.

cruise ship swimming pool

One thing people don’t always think about is the time spent at sea. As sometimes it can take a day or more between destinations there is a wealth of things to do on board the ship to make sure you don’t get bored. Below are just a few of the things cruise ships have to offer.


1. Pools


This is probably the most obvious choice, as every cruise ship has a pool or two (or 7 on some of the bigger ones). If you’re in the sun there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the water before getting back to your book.


2. Surf Simulator


These are a more recent addition to cruise ships, but they’re amazing fun nonetheless. Pick up a board and get involved in the surfing scene… on board a massive cruise ship!


3. Restaurants


There are as many restaurants on cruise ships as there are destinations on itineraries. From Chinese to Indonesian there is something for every palette. Make sure you try as many as possible during your stay to get the most out of what’s on offer.


4. Theatre


Cruise ship theatre’s give even Broadway a run for its money as the on-board performers are all auditioned under incredible scrutiny. This is a great activity to choose when you’re aboard with kids as they’ll be entertained not only during the performance, but when they’re acting out their favourite scenes after the curtain falls. Thomson Cruises have musicals on some of their voyages – you can find out more details here.


5. Champagne Bar


After the kids have worn themselves out with all the acting you’ll be free to leave the grandparents to look after them and head out for a few glasses of champagne in the cocktail bar. Don’t worry – it needn’t break the bank, as there are bottles for every budget.


6. Shopping


On board shopping in exclusive boutiques sounds like great fun, and it is. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space in your suitcase if you want to be able to take home all of the bargains or you’ll end up having to choose what to leave behind!


7. Sun Deck


No doubt you’ll want to work on your tan while you’re in between destinations and there’s no better place for this than on the sundeck. Kick back and relax on a sun lounger and with your favourite book – just remember to top up the sunscreen.


8. Rock Climbing


If you really want to push the boat out (no pun intended) you can attempt to scale an on-board climbing wall. If you’re not one for heights I’d give it a miss, but this is sure to be a winner with thrill-seekers the world over.


9. Have a picnic


Many cruise ships now have faux lawns on deck which means that you can feel like you’re on dry land even when you’re not. Pack up your hamper, chill the wine and have yourself a nice little picnic in the sun.


10.  Hide and Seek


This one isn’t just for the kids. Cruise ships are huge and when you’re not familiar with all of the excellent hiding spots a ship can make for an amazing game of hide and seek. Just be sure you don’t go into any areas you’re not supposed to!



What’s your favourite thing to do aboard a cruise ship? Let us know in the comments!