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Europe can be pretty pricey to backpack around, so use your brain and be smart or your bank manager will be hunting you down! Check out these 5 tips to travel Europe for cheap:

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Europe is an awesome backpacking destination, but you gotta be careful with your pennies

1) Forget the train.

Europe is small, tiny in fact, you could travel right across the continent in just a few days. It’s easy to get around too with its amazing rail system covering all the major cities, and lots of not so major cities too. The trains are clean, they’re fast, they get you there on time and some of them are so damned comfortable you’d think you were in a first class airline seat. You may be wondering therefore what the heading above this paragraph is all about. Quite simply it’s expensive. You can’t afford the train, accept it and move on, by bus. Yes, you can get a Eurail train pass and if you book in advance you can get cheaper seats too but all that is true for buses too. Check out Eurolines for cheap bus passes and tickets across Europe.

2) Avoid Eating Around 60 Year Old Tourists That Look Richer Than You.

You’re in a city square in Vienna or Riga, it’s beautiful and you want to live there forever when you finish college but for now though you’re starving and though you’ve got $100 in your pocket, you realize it has to do you for the next twelve weeks. You look around and think to yourself look at all these tourists sitting out in this lovely square getting waited on hand and foot, I’m a tourist too why shouldn’t I be allowed the same? Before you commit though have a good look at the tourists there. Do they look richer than you? If so get out of there when you start to feel hungry, know your place, it’s in the back streets. You’re young, you have no money but you can walk. So do it, find a nice cheap spot down the road and come back when you’re full!

3) Stay Somewhere Where There’s A Kitchen.

Eating out is expensive no matter what sort of places you end up going to. You may find cheaper food but the cheapest food of all is in the supermarket. Stay in hostels, cheap hotels or if that isn’t your thing, grab a few friends and hire a whole apartment. It’s the kitchen you’re after, the money you’ll save on eating out will almost pay for your accommodation.

4) Don’t Get Drunk In France.

Unless it’s with a slab of cans from the local supermarket you’ll find it prohibitively expensive for drinking alcohol. Particularly so if your drink is beer. Check prices in your nearest pub or bar and work out how much you would save by gathering your strength and turning around to go home. Then with the money treat yourself to a full six months of partying in a small village in Romania.

5) Get To Know Your Budget Airlines

The cheapest form of transport in Europe is generally the bus but, especially off season amazing deals are to be had on plane fares with budget airlines. The two most widespread are Ryanair and Easyjet and they can get you pretty much anywhere for sometimes cheaper than the bus! Keep an eye on their websites and if you’re flexible with your travel dates and/or your travel destinations you can definitely save some serious cash.


Europe can be a killer with the prices, but don’t run yourself too hard. It’s great to treat yourself now and again when you get tired from the road, so considering treating yourself now and again, for example easytobook have a great selection of  hotels available at the best rates guaranteed and a nicer hotel might just do the trick. Happy travels!