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Canada is a very big country… second largest in the world to be precise, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and all way into the Arctic; it has more lakes and inland water bodies than any other country in the world.

Canada holidays offer something special, with Canada being such a beautiful country and with most of its spectacular places being in their natural form, untampered by human activities. Despite the very low temperatures in winter, the country is spectacular all year round. You can also find great deals on hotel accommodations throughout the year, making Canada a great place to visit on holiday. The following are our five most beautiful scenes in Canada;;



Found in the Banff National Park in Alberta, the turquoise waters of the lake, waterfalls, snow capped peaks and glaciers in the background offer a magnificent sight, perhaps one of the best in the whole of North America. At the head of the lake, there are a few vibrantly colored glacial lakes which make it even more breathtaking. Lake Louie is quite an isolated place, perfect for one to kick back and relax away from a vibrant city life.


A picturesque place which has been in existence for over 1200 years, Niagara Falls consist of the American Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls formed by the melting of ancient glaciers and rushing of water. The waterfall is sometimes said to be the largest in the world (in volume) and it is mesmerizing as it is thunderous.

niagara falls canada


This magnificent chain of sharp mountains separated by U shaped valleys is thickly glaciated and stretches from the border of the US to the north of British Columbia. The Canadian Rockies is home to five national parks, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, canyons, lakes, caves and peaks. All these landscapes are amazing and awe inspiring.

canadian rockies


Located in British Columbia, the Pacific Rim National Park is made up of three different regions; West Coast Trails, Long beach and the Broken Group Islands. The rugged terrain of the coastline and the lush rain forest, a home to a plethora of bird species is a heaven for hikers .The 40 km stretch of sandy beaches also offer offers a great surfing experience.

pacific rim national park


An extremely untouched remote area in northern Canada, Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada and fifth in the world. Located in the Arctic Ocean, it is home to many wildlife species such as polar bears, arctic fox, arctic wolf, seals, migrating fowls etc. The world famous Northern Lights can be viewed from here, another reason why this is one of the five most beautiful places in Canada. Kayaking between ice flows is an exiting way to tour this island which offers pristine nature at its rawest, something which is becoming hard to experience in our ever melting planet.


By now you definitely know that most of Canada’s beautiful places are found in their natural beauty, carry a spare memory card for your camera, the sheer magnificence will keep you snapping away. Great travels!