Glasgow has frequently been referred to as a crazy city. A city that never sleeps and one that has become very popular with stag and hen parties over the past few years.

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The city itself is full of things to see and explore. One thing you won’t complain about in this city is a lack of options to keep you entertained throughout your visit.

Here are a few of the top things to do in Glasgow:

Walk around the city

Make a day of it and just get up early and stroll along Dumbarton road which is a huge area for shopping. Vintage shops int he close by Ruthven lane offer some cool photographing opportunities.

Have a drink or two

As already mentioned, Glasgow is famous for some wild drinking sessions, so take advantage of this and go out for a night of fun. Argyle street is where most of the fun can be located. If you wanted a good pub crawl, then visit the original Lebowski’s, Lucky me and the black sparrow. One thing is for sure, you’ll wake up with a fuzzy head if you drink inn true Scottish fashion.

Go see a gig or concert

Some amazing bands can be found at captains rest which is located on great western road. This is a very small venue, so it’s great for getting a close view of things. There are many other options throughout the city for finding some good music to suit any taste.

Just Chill

Who said you’ve got to do anything in this city at all? Maybe you just want to relax in a cafe, have a coffee and watch the world go by. If you’re fond of people watching, then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to do so.

Watch a film 

If you a fond of going to see movies or enjoy a good film night, then you’ll be in your element at the Grosnenor on Ashton lane. Luxourious seats and a full bar facility nearby will ensure you have a fantastic night.

Glasgow is one of those really cool cities where you can enjoy a short city break for yourself.

Eat a nice meal

For food lovers out there, Glasgow will not disappoint your palate. With an array of fine dining ranging in prices from low to high, you’ll always have somewhere delicious to choose from. A popular spot is Cafe Gondolfi on Albion street.

If you’re looking for good bang for your buck, then looking for cheap holidays abroad by Travel Republic will point you in the right direction. And whatever you requirements are, you’ll find something to suit them in Glasgow. It really is a buzzing little city.