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Any backpacker knows that a good hostel is much better than staying in a hotel. It not only provides a home like feeling, but at most times you can decide to cook your own meals as opposed to going with whatever is on the menu, a huge plus for all the foodies out there. But you’ll need that extra third eye of scrutiny while checking out hostels, so check out these 10 things to consider before choosing the best hostel for you.

best hostel in the world


Regardless of the cost, the hostel’s location is very important. It would not make sense to pay a penny for the hostel but end up paying so much more for a cab because the hostel is not accessible. Find something that is in a secure area and also somewhere that you can easily access other amenities like a supermarket and an ATM.



The cost of the hostel should not be prohibitive but then again don’t rush to pick up something that is way below your budget just for the sake of saving because for the sake of a few dollars you could potentially have a much better stay.



This is a big money saver if it is included in the package. Make sure to confirm that the breakfast will still be served even if you get up late. If it is included, find a place that has a microwave in the room or kitchen so you can make your own breakfast.



This is another big saver because you not only save a few bucks but you also get to eat what you want. If you are travelling and are going to stay for sometime, buy your groceries in bulk to save even more.



If you are travelling with the kids or even a pet, a friendly environment will make you feel more comfortable. Nasty and rude staff can really dampen your holidays. Because it is not easy to gauge this easily before booking, it would be a good idea to get reviews if possible.



For a backpacker, this is not necessarily five star hotel facilities but rather little luxuries like your own socket, a reading lamp and maybe a private bathroom if you are sensitive to sharing.



Not exactly easy to find because hostels are usually crowded and most spaces are shared. If worse comes to worst, compromise to pay a little more for a little private space.



Cannot be categorized as a need but who wouldn’t want free and reliable internet. If it is a must have then ensure that it is reliable even if you have to pay a little more.



Hostels are at most times crowded and security can therefore be a real issue. A good hostel should have private and secure lockers and most of all they should be free.


Bulletin board

It would be really helpful if you are looking for a job to help you get by or just to find offers and discounts at the local grocery.


There guys, it’s not rocket science but it will save you a lot of heart ache if you just give it a little consideration. Good luck and happy travels!