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Manhattan may well be the Big Apple’s smallest borough, but when it comes to must-see sights, it certainly packs a punch. It’s crammed full of attractions that anyone visiting New York flocks to on their first visit – and usually returns to again when they come back for more. We’re talking Central Park, the Empire State Building, Times Square and the East Village for starters. So when it comes to visiting America’s finest on a budget, take a look at our top must-see sights…


Central Park
They say the best things in life are free and that’s certainly true when it comes to soaking up the views in New York’s most well-known park. Central Park offers 843 acres of green space in the midst of the city that never sleeps. The views are splendid, the activities endless, and the picnicking territory perfect. Grab a New York bagel (salt beef is a winner), and find your perfect spot and people watch. It’s a super-cheap way of experiencing New York like the locals.

Empire State Building
You can’t fail to miss it, but if you need the address, the Empire State Building is at 350 Fifth Avenue. Even if you’re wobbly on your feet when you ascend a flight of stairs, the Observatory here has to be experienced on any NYC trip. It’s open daily right up until 2am, and offers views spanning 80 miles into the distance. Just breath-taking.

Times Square
It’s not been nicknamed ‘the crossroads of the world’ for nothing – Times Square is a hive of activity 24/7 which makes it top of the list of most tourists’ must-sees. Giant billboards, Broadway theatres, and shopping like you’ve never experienced before. For fashionistas, there’s the huge Forever 21 store – a purse-friendly trendy outfitters piled high with on-trend clothing and accessories that won’t break the bank.

The East Village
If you fancy experiencing a little bit of the ‘alternative’ NYC scene, a stroll through the East Village is well worth it. Vintage fashion stores, quirky coffee shops and restaurants serving up all sorts of exotic and ethnic dishes. What’s more, the night life caters for all tastes here – gay, straight, karaoke, cocktail queens – you name it, you’ll find a bar that ticks all your boxes in the East Village.

Where to stay
When it comes to finding stylish New York hotels without spending your month’s salary, you’re going to be a little hard pushed. Manhattan has plenty of funky places to stay from The Mave on Madison Avenue to Fashion 26 on West 26th Street, but don’t expect to get much change out of $200 dollars for a night’s stay – especially if you’re used to ’boutique’.