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Wimdu, is a fast growing online platform for private accommodation, and is radically altering the way we travel. By bringing together travelers and hosts from all over the world Wimdu, just 18 months-old, is rejuvenating the accommodation market.  In line with their motto – Travel like a local – the company promises an entirely different travel experience. Whether it is a private holiday or a business trip, for those who prefer customized accommodation over generic hotel stays, at they will find a wide range of unique accommodation options from around the globe. The website currently holds a database of over 50,000 listings in 100 countries worldwide and has over 100,000 unique users.

Travel like a local

Wimdu’s online platform makes it possible for anyone to rent out their room, apartment, house, or other living space to visitors. The advantages for all parties are obvious: the hosts profit from the extra income and in turn, offer their guests valuable insider tips, gaining travelers unique impressions and interesting perspectives about their host’s city or hometown. This is how travelers can truly explore and discover cities and get to know what it is like to be a local. By providing a platform for local people to advertise their spare rooms or whole apartments, Wimdu is helping to take the money generated through tourism out of hotel corporations pockets and back into the hands of locals, whilst at the same time saving travelers money compared over-priced and over-subscribed hotels.

Peculiar properties

For those who have dreamed of staying in something completely off the radar, Wimdu has many options to suit even the most crazy of needs. Travelers bored of mainstream tourism and searching to do something a bit different and quirky are no catered for. The company lists some unique and bizarre alternative accommodation options, from a tree house in France to a refurbished crane in Holland. In Scotland one can live like a Hobbit from The Lord of the Rings or why not travel to Bethlehem and live in a converted luxury cave.


Easy, Transparent and Safe

The online interface is very easy to use and navigate. Simply select the amenities that are important to you, whether you are looking for a place by the beach, a somewhere that allows your pet, or just the cheapest place to rest your head for the night. The host profile and feedback page is also on hand to help you make your decision, here you can find out more about your potential host and read reviews from previous guests.

Transparency and security, as key customer concerns, are highly valued by the company. For these reasons, the company retains the rent and does not transfer the money to the host until 24 hours after the arrival of the guest (s). Additionally, the host may also require an additional security deposit upon arrival of the guest(s). On top of this, the company also provides free insurance that covers the host and the guest in case of any accidental damage during the trip.