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Visiting Paris with your very favorite person is truly a magical experience, so take advantage of the opportunity to pull out all the stops and sweep your beloved off their feet. Enhance the romance by taking advantage of those time-honored, woo-pitching gestures that may come off as elsewhere, but in the enchanted ambience of Paris they seem utterly charming. Plan your strategy in advance so you can start with the romance even before you check into one of those delightful, cozy hotels in Paris that you can find on Hostelbookers for a good price so you can lavish your loved one in-style.

Eiffel Tower

Paris Greeters Tour

Start your romantic getaway off right by providing the opportunity to get intimate with the Paris as soon as arrive in the City of Lights! Make arrangements in advance meet with a professional Paris Greeter who will immediately dispel any thoughts you’d had about all French folk being snooty to visitors. Au contraire, you’ll be welcomed like one of the family as you are both congenially escorted to some of your greeter’s favorite spots around Paris, introduced to the locals and let in on little-known delights that aren’t on any tourist maps. Although there is no cost for this service, it is customary to provide refreshments for your guide during your tour and tips are accepted graciously.

Breakfast in Bed

Paris is famous for its neighborhood bakeries, or patisseries, so notice the nearest one to your hotel and sneak out early while your beloved is still snoozing to score some fresh-out-of-the-oven pastries and rich Parisian coffee.  If possible, pick up a vase of fresh cut flowers to adorn the breakfast tray and arrange it all into a nice presentation as the scrumptious smells awaken your dearest. Such delicious decadence will get you both into the right frame of mind for another romantic day in Paris!


Street Artist’s Portrait

Escort your “mon ami” to lunch on a sunny day to the Place du Tertre, the infamous artists’ square in Montmarte. Shoo away all the hawkers that will approach with lines like “I just want to sketch your beautiful face” and then demand 50 euro. Instead, station yourselves at the surrounding sidewalk cafes, nibble on local delicacies and make a game of scouting out the artists working in the square, looking for the ones with the longest queues before their booths and clearly posted prices for portraits.  After lunch, head over to the most promising artist and arrange for a sitting for each of you. For the crowning touch, look over the artist’s shoulder and compliment their ability to capture your favorite features that you have come to know and love. Hopefully, the rendition will be flattering, but one way or another it will always remind you both of this wonderful afternoon together in Paris.

Couples Massage

For an erotic experience that can rekindle smoldering passions, seek out a couples’ massage parlor like Yen/Yang Massage Paris or arrange for certified masseuse teams to come to your hotel room. Experience a therapeutic massage while holding hands with your loved one in an atmosphere of sensual pleasure. The skilled couples’ therapists know how to release body-centered inhibitions that propel you both to new heights of indulgent intimacy.

Hand-picked Bouquets from Rue de Lutèce

After an exciting day of sightseeing in Paris just as you’re ready to return to the hotel, make your last adventure a stroll down the stately “Street of Flowers” where you’ll find shops bursting with colorful fresh cut blooms just begging to be admired. Make a game of selecting the perfect shape, color and fragrance to reflect your deepest passions for each other. Find an appropriate vase and fashion your floral selections into a beautiful bouquet to adorn your hotel room and set the mood for a secluded, romantic evening together.