Just imagine someone handing you £500 to travel with as you pleased. It’s likely that most people wouldn’t turn that down. How about playing a travel game answering fun questions about various countries, with the chance to win this £500 holiday? Sounding better and better, isn’t it? A new competition called Top Trunks by Holiday Hypermarket puts players face to face with the question “Where are you more likely to…” about various things in different countries. For example, where are you most likely to find love: Paris or Istanbul? If you think you know the answer, you’re one click closer to an awesome free holiday. But don’t think that there’s just one grand prize out there for grabs; Holiday Hypermarket is also giving away thousands of instant win holiday vouchers.

top trunks

This awesome company wants to give away great travel prizes to players in this competition. Holiday Hypermarket has got the UK’s best travel team at your fingertips, ready to search all the major travel operators to find you the best price and save you time. And since many of their offers are exclusive, you’re not going to find them anywhere else on the web. But anyway, more about this competition!

The card game Top Trunks sets you up answering 15 questions, which will come up as different sets of cards showing different countries. In each question, you must compare two different countries as far as “Where are you most likely to…” Categories range from “most likely to fall in love” to “most likely to dance until dawn” or “wake up with a tattoo”. Answer correctly, and you’re one step closer to that coveted grand prize, or many free holiday vouchers.

If you’re interested in free travel, get started playing right away because the travel prizes are going fast. And for extra entries into the competition to increase your chance of winning, simply tweet @holidayhype. It’s fast, easy and you could win big!

So what are you waiting for? Start playing now to raise your chances of winning one of these awesome travel prizes!