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Considering the number of scheduled events and festivals, Belgium promises hot and mind-blowing summer in 2013. Awesome music, lots of beer and abandoned hilarity will embrace every town in this country. Therefore, it is a nice season to go to the heart of Europe and enjoy all the amusements.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 11.28.58 PMDuring June 28-30th Antwerp hosts annual beer festival that is called Beer Passion Weekend. Every year several dozens of local breweries introduce the best of their production. This year beer lovers will be able to taste more than 200 beers from the best breweries of the country, including such unusual as raspberry, cherry, peach or “champagne” beer, produced according to traditional recipes of the monks. Besides, the entire festivity is accompanied by orchestra performance, dancing and lotteries, so there is no way to get bored on Groenplaats!

A few days later tourists, especially music fans, might visit Rock Wretcher – famous music festival in Werchter, 15 km away from Leuven. It is scheduled on 4-7th of July. This festival was honored with Arthur Award five times as “the best festival”, which cannot but testify on its popularity and significance. Its history started in 1974 as a small rock fest. In contrast, today festival lasts for four days to the benefit of 50 thousand visitors. This year the line-up of Rock Wretcher features the most outstanding figures in modern music industry, including Coldplay, Kasabian, Black Eyed Peas, Portishead, The Chemical Brothers and many others.

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One more music festival that will rock Belgian audience is Cactusfestival, which will be arranged on the shores of Love Lake (Minnewater) in Bruges. In particular, it will start on July 12th. Every year the greatest beer center in Belgium unites fans of various music (pop, alternative, jazz, rock, rap, R&B) and musicians from all over the world on one scene. The performance is truly unique and exciting. For 20 years Cactusfestival promises a mix of good music and vivid celebrations.




Jazz music, in contrast, is usually a prerogative of Ghent city. It is organized during Gentse Feesten, one of top festivals in Belgium. Besides Ghent Jazz Festival, the celebrations also include a puppet show, circus performances, the fest of electronic and techno music and, of course,  lots of beer and dancing. Gentse Feesten is timed to coincide the City Day; therefore, it is likely to be the best period to visit Ghent and explore it in all its glory. In 2013 citizens of Ghent mark the 170th anniversary of Gentse Feesten, which is why one should expect a tumultuous celebration. Its time-table has been already overwhelmed with events, among which there are jousting tournaments in the medieval heart of the city, horse races, parades of giants, a competition on the balloons and fireworks. Lovers of antiques are recommended to attend “The Ball 1900” to admire the dance groups dressed in costumes of the 19th century.

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Hapje-Tapje is a culinary festival arranged annually in Leuven. Nearly 50 thousand visitors watch the stunning competition between chiefs, who present the best of their gourmet exquisites, and barkeepers, alerting an attention with their mixing skills. In addition, Hapje-Tapje is a good chance to taste remarkable dishes prepared by world-known chiefs.