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Turkey package holidays and last-minute deals on Spanish beach breaks to a swish villa in the Tuscan hills of Italy, there is a vast range of wonderful holidays to suit every taste and budget.

holidays in malta

One endearing destination that routinely draws holidaymakers back to its sun-soaked shores year after year is Malta. A glittering gem in the sparkling expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a much-loved holiday hotspot with just about every type of experience going. Enjoy a trip through time by exploring its historic city and military strongholds, stretch out on golden sands that melt gently into bath-warm waters, or step out for a leisurely walk across its beautiful landscapes and rugged cliff tops.

There is so much to see and do in Malta, there’s certainly something for everyone. And for those who are on a budget, Malta really comes into its own.

Cheap Malta package holidays are easy to find and come in all shapes and sizes. From short weekend breaks to long summer fortnights, last-minute luxury to basic self-catering, you’ll find it all on this sun-soaked island. One of the best ways to find a great deal is to book ahead, and prepare to secure your holiday as soon as the new brochure or season becomes available. By doing this you’ll not only have longer to pay off the cost of your holiday, you’ll also take advantage of early bird deals too.

Or if you really want rock-bottom prices and you’re of a more spontaneous nature, why not go for a late deal? Lie in wait for up to a week before the departure date and watch the prices fall, before snapping up a fantastic bargain. Then all that’s left to do is to pack, find your passport and jet off for a fun-filled holiday to remember.