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Scandinavia is an ideal destination for a long weekend. It is easy to get to, and direct flights from the UK take only around three hours to most Nordic capitals. The main carrier to Scandinavia is SAS, but British Airways has daily direct flights to the major Scandinavian cities. Many low-cost airlines also fly to Scandinavia from London and from other UK cities.

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How to Get to Sweden 

Stockholm continues to be popular for city breaks. It has a busy culture life, a vibrant nightlife scene, great shopping, and a wide range of excellent restaurants. In the summer the islands in the Stockholm Archipelago are just a short boat trip away from the city centre.

SAS and British Airways have direct flights to Stockholm from the UK, and you can also fly directly from the UK to Gothenburg. The low-cost carrier Ryanair has cheap flights to Stockholm, and other good low-cost options include EasyJet and Norwegian. Even the main carriers can have great deals, especially if you book in advance and if you are flexible with your holiday plans.

You can find a direct flight to Stockholm from most airports in London. There are also flights from other airports in the UK to smaller airports in Sweden, including the BMI flight from Birmingham to Gothenburg. If you plan to continue from Sweden to Finland, there are several daily flights between Stockholm and Helsinki. Ferries operate daily around the year between the two cities.

Cheap Routes to Denmark

Several airlines fly directly to Denmark from London and from all the major European cities. Copenhagen is one of Europe’s international air travel hubs, and it is the main hub for Scandinavian Airlines. Both British Airways and SAS have daily flights to Copenhagen. Norwegian is another good option for flights to Copenhagen from London, and it often has some of the most affordable airfares. Ryanair, BMI and Easyjet all offer cheap flights to Copenhagen.

Denmark is famous for its high quality of life and for having some of the happiest people in the world. Copenhagen has interesting architecture, great shops and excellent options for dining. It is also easy to continue your travels from Copenhagen to other destinations in Denmark. Interesting cities to visit include Aarhus and Odense. The countryside is picturesque especially in the summer, and there are beautiful beaches in the northern parts of Denmark.

Flying to Norway

Fjords, mountains, great skiing, Northern Lights – Norway is known for its nature. Several airlines offer daily flights to Oslo, Norway’s capital. SAS, BA, Wideroe, Norwegian and Flybe connect the UK to Norway with direct flights. For cheap flights to Oslo try searching Ryanair and EasyJet. The major airlines can have good offers too.

Oslo is full of culture, great architecture, art galleries and other attractions. In Norway you are never far away from nature, and there are many destinations for winter sports and for summer sports near Oslo. If you want to see the Northern Lights, you should plan a trip to Lapland and time it to the winter months. You can fly to northern Norway from Oslo, but there are also scenic train journeys as well as cruises along the Norwegian coast.