Ok, it’s not going to be a massive culture shock when you visit Canada – especially if you’re from an American or European city.


But there are many unique cultural traditions that are associated with Canada that you may not know about.

One big uniqueness about Canada is that it will protect the diversity of it’s citizens. It promotes the Asian, African, European and Carribean people that make up its society.

You may notice that Canadians will salute the maple leaf flag. This is due to the fact that embraces and respects the different cultures who have made Canada what it is today. With the French having such a large part in developing and shaping Canada’s present society, cities like Toronto and Montreal have rallies making sure that the country holds onto it’s diversity. Over the years, Canada’s government has passed many policies and acts to preserve this acceptance of cultural diversity.

For those of you visiting Canada, you will undoubtedly experience international customs from around the world. You must remember to keep an open mind when coming here. For cheap flights, air canada might have something that fits the bill for you. You can check various flights here.

This spirit of embracing nationalities from around the world is not something that’s confined to the history books. Even today, over 50% of Canadas population is made up of immigrants from far flung places like Asia and the Middle East. Ireland is currently experiencing a plethora of it’s younger generation all flocking to Canada in search for a better life.

It’s no secret that Canada tries to embrace European and Africa countries more than their counterparts to the South – The United States. Many Anti-American groups are present in the country and hold strong hostilities towards the U.S. In fact, Canada tries to do things “unlike” America so that they can be easily distinguished from them. Have you ever heard an American accent and asked “Are you from America” – only to be met with a distasteful look and an “I’m Canadian” response?

In saying that, most Canadians are as friendly to American tourists as they are to tourists from other countries. Regardless of how much they try and differentiate from each other, Canada and America are more alike than any two countries in the world.

They hold the “We are not Americans” card close to their chest. But when you consider things on the whole, for a country that embraces and promotes cultural diversity, there is a little hypocrisy towards them accepting their neighbours in the United States.