Are you heading off on a golfing holiday this summer, but are unsure of a suitable location? Here is why the Mississippi Coast ticks every box.


Off all the golfing venues in North America, the Mississippi Coast has some of the most beautiful courses. This, coupled with the lovely weather, amazing scenery and fantastic cuisine make Mississippi a wonderful place to vacation in.

The Mississippi Coast has some of the world’s very best golf courses, and there is something to cater to all skill levels, and across all price ranges.

Prior to jetting off, it will be beneficial to do some research online, so as you know what to expect from your visit to the Deep South. You are sure to find plenty of ideas for that perfect vacation, and there may even be some Golf vacation packages that would be perfect for you.

While there, perhaps you would like to partake in some other activities away from the course. There are many varied things to go at in Mississippi, for example, fishing, biking, hunting and hiking, to name but a few. Or if you were in the mood for a more relaxed day, you could head off to do a bit of shopping.

The Deep South is very well known for its food. Specialties such as deep fried catfish, peach cobbler and fried chicken are readily available in the restaurants and diners in and around the Mississippi area. These fine eats will stay in your mind long after your journey has ended, and you will be craving that taste of Mississippi when back home!

As previously mentioned, the weather in the Mississippi area is very pleasant, especially in the summer months. Summers are long, with temperatures reaching as high as 35 degrees celsius,  and winters are very mild and short. So, even if it was a thing you didn’t want to have your vacation during the summer months, you could still head off in the autumn, winter or spring, and find conditions would be agreeable.

So, along the Mississippi Coast, you have got it all – great weather, amazing local cuisines and delicacies, outdoor activities, shopping – the list is endless. As for the golfing, you would do well to find a better area in all of the United States that are better equipped with courses for every skill level of golfer out there.  You may find, just the one trip to the Mississippi Coast is just not enough, and you will be counting down the days to your next visit!