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I love Turkey. With so many resorts to choose from and cities to explore, it’s no wonder really. One resort that has emerged over recent years, with bright and lively night-life, is Gumbet.

Sat near to cosmopolitan Bodrum, on the Aegean coast, this lively resort is the perfect destination for a fun holiday in the sun, as well as being a great base for exploring further.

Bodrum Turkey

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Once you’re in Gumbet, you’ll find an array of activities to keep everyone occupied, from days on the beach to adventures in the countryside. I love the beach, and here you’ll find a long sandy beach with many facilities, including bars for a refreshment and lots of water-sports to try. If you get the opportunity, give parasailing a go. I had a ball up there and it’s certainly something I’d recommend.

Another activity I’d suggest is a jeep safari. This is a great fun day out in the countryside and local villages and can usually be haggled down in price if you book from street vendors. Also, if you book more than one excursion you might find you get them even cheaper!

A day out in Bodrum is also a must, with its beautiful castle and stunning views. You’ll also find better shopping opportunities here too, which is also a bonus! Head to the Bazaar and practice your haggling skills. It seems odd at first but once you get into the swing of it, it’s easy, and you’ll come away with many bargains.

Gumbet is famous for its nightlife scene – bright, rowdy and loud. Despite this however, there are quieter bars and restaurants, so it’s really all about what you fancy doing on the night. One suggestion I would make is to try some traditional Turkish food, in a real Turkish restaurant. Turkish food is delicious and really good value too. You’ll come away full and needing a lie down! Be sure to try kunefe, a really delicious dessert that can only really very loosely be compared to a cheesecake, but much nicer.

All in all, a summer holiday in any Turkish resort will mean a fun time is had by all. Gumbet however will mean lot of fun, lots of laughs, and more excursions that you can shake a stick at – so really it could be argued that this Turkish gem is one of the must visit resorts.

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Turkey is my ideal budget-friendly holiday destination, and Gumbet ticks all the right boxes – try and it and see for yourself!