A friend, a gift buying occasion and an obsession over coffee drinking. When these three things are aligned there is simply only one answer to bind them together. The Aeropress coffee maker! One could be forgiven for thinking on first observation that this device is a flash in the pan invention that adds no more to the simplicity of the French pressing of coffee granules to a base of a vessel, allowing brewed coffee to pour into a cup. The Aeropress is much more than this. And if there’s any residual doubt, the taste is a revelation to all coffee enthusiasts from novice morning drinkers to award winning Baristas.


A three-piece set of durable, unbreakable plastic assembles simply and quickly to ostensibly transform into a syringe that pushes hot water through a chamber of ground coffee to produce the richest coffee experience available. A plunger, brew chamber and a waste basket is all that is required to open up the flavor of those ground coffee beans.  Think of it as the equivalent as a sub-woofer to your music system- and how that inspires you to revisit all those old records again.

Fuss Free

The Aeropress is a portable, fuss free kit that is exceptionally easy to clean and dispose of the waste coffee granules, (it compacts the coffee into a biscuit shape when its spent. No more unsightly granules in the wash basin or littered specks around your trash bin.)  It’s encouraged outdoor pursuits to be accompanied by gourmet coffee drinking experiences. Road trips, outdoor music festivals, hiking clubs and al fresco dining have all benefitted from the efficient and effective transformation of Aeropress’ coffee brewing physics. Even replacing the once cherished fixture of the morning kitchen table – ‘the French press ‘, its practicalities benefit to any setting. 


Since the brewing process allows for a playful element of tweak-able factors, one can alter coffee quantities, brew times and water temperatures to reach their personal palate preference. All in the space of 2 minutes, it is the perfect gift for someone who either really knows and loves their coffee or simply enjoys their daily cup but would like to develop their tastes for coffee. And If there’s something not quite reaching the right taste in your cup, the simplicity and efficiency in making a fresh cup makes it irresistible to keep on trying out new measures. Every cup is like a chemistry experiment.

‘Coffee Club Cults’ have begun where groups of expert enthusiasts have taken their portable Aeropress kits with their best coffee grinders  to plantations across the word and have enjoyed the pleasures of drinking the locally sourced beans in true ‘Keith Floyd’ fashion. In doing so , online communities have grown that share their experiences and recommendations to where to enjoy the best coffee bean and how best to prepare it.

This has become an important piece of kit for any kitchen and makes for the perfect gift to any self-respecting coffee enthusiast and finds people part of a cub where they are already a member.