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Most people across the world like to travel. Seeing the world, learning different cultures, etc sound very exciting to many people. Most of you anticipate the day when you will finally hit the road. Excitement mixed with anxiety is usually what most of you feel through out the days before the travelling commences. When it comes to packing, some of you think carefully on what to bring with you while some are cool with throwing just a few things into their backpack hours before you catch your plane or shuttle. All in all, there are five things that you must pack when you travel;

The ‘Hidden Pocket’

Your travel documents are very important, as are your back-up US Dollars. Such things should not be left back at your hostel .Have a secret stash of all this stuff wedged deep in your backpack, away from the prying eyes of the opportunistic thief!

Hygiene and health accessories

Nobody wants to ruin their backpacking stint by getting sick. It is important to keep your health in check that is why is extremely important that you bring items that concern hygiene and health .A small first aid kit, incase you get injured, mosquito and bug repellent, water purifier etc., multivitamins (echinacea, cod liver oil, wheatgrass capsules whatever you like, but throw something in your bag to help your poor immune system!)

Hand wash detergent

It may or may not be difficult to find a laundry services when you are travelling. However, due to far flung destinations, time constrains or the fact that you only need one pair of cargo pants or a tee shirt washed, laundry mart services don’t seem practical. All you require is a woolite packet, a sink, your hands and the hot sun for drying.

Maps, google or otherwise!

It is an essential item when you are travelling .If you plan on driving; a map will help ensure that you are headed in the right direction and without fear of satellites not being in range or the GPS batteries dying. When on foot, a map will help you get to your destination on time and when in a taxi, it will help you know that you aren’t being driven in a roundabout route to increase the taxi fare. Personally, I’m an iPhone man, so google maps is my lifesaver!

Garbage bags

They will come in hand….believe me. Of course you are going to need a place to put your dirty laundry or you may be caught unaware in a summer rainstorm and you will desperately require something to wrap around your backpack. A Ziploc sandwich bag will also come in handy. Something is bound to leak and once your backpack is stuffed with swanky tee shirts to take back home, you will not want the sodden with sunscreen.

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