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The main thing I recalled about my Antarctica experience was not really wanting to leave, I just couldn’t think about doing it by any stretch of the imagination. It was just such a special place that I had, surprisingly, never planned on visiting, but it was the best trip of my life and I am glad my curiosity got the better of me. It started to hit me when we actually reached Antarctic waters and then it began to become clear that this place is a very special one. I chose to travel with Chimu Adventures, which was a very worthwhile experience and I wanted to write a bit more about it. I hope you enjoy reading about my experience in Antarctica.

Choosing the right cruise

I thought long and hard about my Antarctic adventure before traveling there, I didn’t just book. Chimu Adventures was after all a great choice for me and I would recommend looking into the pros and cons of each tour to suit your specific needs. I think the longer the cruise, the better. Because I was on a smaller ship, I was actually able to get off and do some real exploring. Many larger ships cannot allow everyone to get off for logistics reasons and this was not how I wanted to experience the frozen continent.

The things that I loved

The number of amazing things that I saw could not fit into a blog post a day for the rest of my life, I can’t describe everything but here are a few of the things. Let me start with my favourite thing that I saw for the trip and that was being in a kayak in the middle of an imposing field of ice, frigid water and huge icebergs. These things are absolutely huge and you won’t ever realise how big until you see it with your own eyes. Finding a path between these stunning formations was like threading a needle and was something that I will take with me to my last days.

I also had a lot of fun seeing the wildlife, the penguins in particular fascinated me and I find their nature to be a mix of curiosity and playfulness, which is somehow unique within the animal kingdom. I was lucky enough to be traveling with Chimu Adventures during February and this is the time that the penguin chicks are most active and visible. This was another unforgettable experience.

What I should have done

I think you main problem was not realising how many photos that I would take and I should have taken an extra memory card and battery, because I was constantly charging my camera and also transferring the files from my camera to my computer. You will be taking some amazing pictures and a lot of them too, so it is important to be prepared in this sense.