Dubai is definitely not somewhere you go to escape the city. Dubai is the city-lover’s dream! And with any city comes shopping (lots of it!) and Dubai is no exception. After booking your hotel in Dubai with Travelbag, it’s time to start planning your awesome vacation to the shopping capital of the world… or at least its part of the world!

dubai mall

In Dubai, the weather is too hot to be outside for most of the year, so shopping malls evolved naturally as a place to spend time during the day. These malls have progressed into some of the largest and most extraordinary in the world, some with amusement park rides inside! There’s really nothing you can’t do inside a Dubai shopping mall. From going to the gym, to the spa, meeting a friend for any kind of food and even hitting the ski slope, the mall is definitely the place to be in Dubai.

For one of the most exquisite shopping experiences, head to the Mall of the Emirates. Yes it’s one of the city’s largest, but more importantly, it’s one of the most beautiful. Its polished marble floors, skylights and classy decor can’t be topped. The chic boutiques and high end stores just add to the posh atmosphere in this mall. And since it doesn’t cost a penny to walk around the mall, you can window shop to your hearts content in the Mall of the Emirates!

The Dubai Shopping Festival should be reason enough to understand why Dubai is the epitome of a shopper’s paradise. It’s held during the wintertime, January and February, when the weather in the UAE is just perfect. Not only are there crazy discounts and promotions going on left and right, but there’s all forms of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Food stalls, fireworks shows, and traditional performances all highlight this massive and eye-popping festival.

And unlike in the Western world, haggling is practically expected in Dubai, so bring the skill along on your shopping excursion. It’s part of the fun, after all! First, ask for the price and immediately offer 50% less. Yes, it’s hard, but you’re not going to offend any shopkeepers! From there, the bargaining begins. Don’t be swayed when they feign horror at your offer! They’ll offer a slightly lower price, then you offer one slightly higher than your offer, and so it goes…

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