Our backpack is packed, the flights are booked, and our destination is awaiting our arrival. Have you ever been in this situation?


If so, then you’ll remember those butterflies flying around in your stomach as you wait with delightful anticipation for what lies ahead.

Travelling to foreign destinations has become mainstream in the past few years and it’s important to have every angle of your trip covered.

This means having proper medical/backpacker travel insurance, enough money to last you for the entire trip and also a decent home to put that hard earned cash into.

There are many different options when it comes bank accounts. Backpackers want easy access to their cash, and the various types of accounts like current accounts will provide this exactly that.

Current accounts are ideal for the individual going away to a foreign country. They are easy to set up and you can set up two of them if you like, just so as you have a second ATM card. This is very important as it will give you peach of mind if you ever lost one.

If the situation ever did occur, then you could simply ring up your bank and get the account closed. You would still have to other card and account to use.

If you are looking for options when it comes to deciding what bank to use, then maybe the Halifax bank could help you with your decisions.

Not all current accounts are the same. You must remember that different banks will offer you different interest rates as well as insurance in some cases. With most current accounts, you will also get a cheque book, but this wouldn’t be of much use to someone who’s going to be travelling in a foreign country.

Your main concern when choosing a bank to hold your money for you while travelling, is how easy can I get access to my money, what are their exchange rates, have they any cash advance fees, and do they have online banking.

Online banking will make managing your money so much easier. You will have access to it 24/7, and you can use your smartphone to make transactions using it.

Choosing the right bank will be a personal choice and one that you should take your time over. Find out what they are offering and then make an informed decision!

That’s always the best approach when dealing with things like that.