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The 26th of January marks Australia Day and as they say, it’s the day to celebrate what’s great about the land down under. It’s the country that has given us Home & away, Vegemite, Crocodile Dundee and some of the world’s best surfing. It attracts millions of visitors every year; keen to enjoy the chilled out beaches and beautiful outback that Australia is known for.

Sydney Oper House and Harbour Bridge

The date marks the anniversary of the first convict ships from Great Britain landing on Australian shores back in 1788, and since then it has come to stand for this memory and so much more – it is seen as a chance to think about everything that is great about Australia and for the nation to collectively focus on the dream of a bright future and continuing prosperity for all Australians.

The day is also widely recognised an opportunity to work towards reconciliation of Australia’s history for all people, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities who may see January 26th in a more negative light; as the day their country was essentially invaded by the British. A big part of the Australia Day celebrations centre around building a connected future for all Australian citizens and focussing on the shared history and heritage of the country.

Celebrations on the day include fireworks, live entertainment, community events, offices decked out with Australian themed decorations – and there’s even a foundation to encourage Australians in the UK to get involved! Australians always remain true to their roots so there will be people partying all over the world come January 26th.

So what is it that makes Australia so special, and that brings tourists in their millions there every year, as well as immigrants looking to start a new life in the Southern Hemisphere? Aside from its well-known laid back pace of life, Australia has the full range of beautiful beaches, endless outback with unique wildlife, and amazing cities that offer great food, drink and fun.

People flock to Australia to experience iconic sites including the Sydney Opera House, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rainforests near Queensland; many take short city breaks, others pick up last minute cruise deals, and some come to travel for a few months and end up staying for years!

Wherever in the world you are this January 26th, Australia Day is a great excuse for a beer, a barbeque and a chance to party with friends and celebrate all things Aussie.