There is no shortage of fun or excitement when visiting or hanging out in Melbourne. The real challenge is finding out what to do with the time that you have. If you already know you’re going to be in Melbourne for a short while, then this is a perfect list for you. We’re going to drop a few of the basic and must see points in Melbourne. If you’re just browsing to see if Melbourne is a place you like, then that’s ok too. In fact take a look at to see if there are any places you might be interested in living in for a bit. Stop by here to see what’s available. But for now, let’s see about this list.

Eureka Skydeck

One of the staples of any city visit is to try and get yourself to a high vantage point to see the cityscape. Melbourne has made that quite easy. The Eureka Skydeck is the highest skydeck in the Southern hemisphere. This guarantees that you’ll be able to see far and wide. This skydeck also has a couple of unique features that are worth looking into. First is a double entry ticket so you can see the view of the city at two different times of day. Sunset is bound to be beautiful. The other is called The Edge. This involves you getting into a glass box and going over the edge of the deck. Let me know how that works out for you.

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Run Around Phillip’s Island

Don’t literally run, but go to the island and see some of natures most interesting, and adorable, creatures there is. The island is only a short trip out of the city and well worth it. You can see thousands of penguins walking along the shore as night falls. This is the world’s largest penguin parade. Would you want to miss that? Also be sure not to miss out on the koala bears at the Koala Conservation Center. You don’t want those furry little guys to feel neglected, do you?

Take a Cruise Down the Great Ocean Road

One of the main attractions of Melbourne is it’s spot along the Great Ocean Road. This drive is sure to be one of the most scenic and gorgeous, if not the most, roads in the world. The best way to experience the road is to rent a car and just go. This way, you can stop at your leisure and take as much time as you want at the different pullover spots and look out points. If you don’t have time to see much of the road, make sure you stop at the Twelve Apostles Rock formation. Its said to be one of the most spectacular rock formations in Australia.

Explore the Queen Victoria Market

Gallivanting around the markets of cities is one of the best activities as you travel. This is where you can see the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the working people that make it all happen. As with all markets, little souvenirs are plentiful and so are food options. Go to the market for lunch. Not only will you save yourself a few bucks but it will also be a nice change of pace from the restaurants and cafes that travelers usually eat in.