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Magnificent white golden beaches, cool turquoise waters, bronzed derrieres and tropical weather are not the only reasons that make Brazilian beaches the most visited across the globe. At any given time of the year, you can get your self a beautiful suntan while in Brazil. The beaches are popularly known for their unending coastlines dotted with beautiful cafés and pretty souvenir shops .You are at a high risk of becoming a beach bum.

A plethora of beaches, numerous water sport activities and the night life make the best five beaches in Brazil some of the most sought after destinations in the world among those who love surfing, partying and the sun.

Copacabana beach

Located south of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana is popularly known for sport activities such as beach volley ball .It is also the official location for the FIFA beach soccer world cup. Magnificent historic forts are seen at this beach as well as those tiny bikinis which are a permanent feature. This beach is also perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Various nationalities gather here to usher in the New Year in style, mostly bear foot while they dance and watch the fire works till dawn.

Praia da Pipa beach

Extremely beautiful beach fronts and rare wildlife make this beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The beach is best known for its crystal clear waters, gentle waves and golden sands. Visitors have the exciting opportunity to explore the forest trails that surround the beach on foot once they have had enough swimming.

Praia da Sancho

This beach has repeatedly been voted as the best beach in Brazil. Getting to this beach is a breathtaking experience. You will be required to descend from the top of a cliff via a vertical metal ladder through a hole in a rock. It also offers impeccable diving expeditions.

Angras dos Reis

It is an untouched beauty spot in Brazil with a scenic stretch along the coastline between Sao Polo and Rio. The beach borders a tropical rainforest that spreads down to the ocean. The beach is famously known for its golden sands, broad bays and small fishing villages. Visitors can also dance the night away in any of the trendy night clubs found around.

Santos beach gardens

Located on the south east of Sao Paulo, it has a 4 mile long of beautiful beach gardens. The locals like to call it the world’s largest garden and are also located close to Brazil’s oldest town San Vicente. The beach is perfect for just swimming and siestas under the shade.

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