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Think of the challenge of finishing a marathon, that sounds really tough but the joy of finishing one is just overwhelming it’s also a good excuse to brag to those friends who always think they are top of the clique.

All in all before you take part in a marathon physical preparation is necessary and more so shedding a few pounds along the way comes in as a bonus. Marathons are not just fun because of the numbers but the sideshows that take place are worth a consideration. Lets sample a few of the most popular city marathons, what better way than to start with the big five.

new york marathon

Boston marathon, USA

Considered by many as not only the original but also the best, it traditionally takes place on Patriots’ Day. As of 2012, the marathon has been held 114 times and it’s the longest running marathon in the world. Starting from Hopkinton, New England it is considered the toughest of the big five city marathons. The race is so gruesome that at some point during the race, both the experienced and inexperienced are forced to take to their feet this time not running but walking.


London marathon, UK

The best marathon for first timers because the course is generally flat. It’s basically like sightseeing while on the run because you will see some of London’s iconic sites including the cutty Sark, tower bridge and the city hall. The line of supporters all the way from the start to the finish line will keep your spirits up throughout the race. You will experience no shortage of clowns and celebrities alike.


Berlin marathon, Germany

With about 40,000 runners every year, it is the biggest marathon in the world. Another first timer favorite because of the friendly climate during that time of the year and it is also the flattest of the five. It is said to be record breaker marathon because records are broken very often compared to the other races.


Chicago marathon, USA

From only 4200 in its first race to about 45,000 when last held, it has no doubt grown from humble beginnings. Its flat course makes it a debutante favorite and thus the numbers are expected to grow even more debutante favorite and thus the numbers are expected to grow even more as the number of colleges in Chicago also increase. Don’t be fooled by the numbers because the just like the other big five the event is nothing short of vociferous.


New York marathon, USA

This marathon that brings together all the five boroughs of New York might not be the biggest but for many, it is the best. There are lots of bands to keep you motivated and also entertained while on the run. One has to keep warm though because it is very chilly in New York in November, wrap up warm folks!


So instead of lazying around the house get your butt of the couch and sign up for a marathon.