Bali is a small province in Indonesia covering smaller neighbouring Islands and the Bali Isle. The Western part of the Island neighbours the main Island stretching to the Sundal Islands, and Bali is the home to the main Hindu religion, thus offering a diverse culture that many tourists fly out to everywhere. Additionally, the Island of Bali offers great natural attractions with spectacular history including the beaches, volcanic lakes and sporting activities. Here are the top attractions you’ll be able to see in Bali this year.


Uluwatu is a top natural attraction in Bali as it gives the visitor natural beauty, tranquillity and different landscapes. It is ideal for surfing and for people who are on vacation, and it also gives users a good great experience because of the long coastal strip that offer challenging waves for surfing.

The Uluwatu temple visit also gives an opportunity to sample out the religious attraction. This is a large limestone rugged cliff temple every visitor must visit to see the grandeur. This temple is among the majestic structures tourists simply must sample, offering 11th century history and a multitude of cultural displays. It stands 70 meters above the Indian Ocean, and if you happen to visit you will also see the beautiful view of the ocean.

The Purah Tanah Lot

The Purah Tanah is a free standing majestic rock attraction for pilgrimage. It is a serene place to visit as it offers cultural diversity, and this attraction is located in the Southern Part of Bali Island. In order to enjoy the attractions, visitors must go during the low tide season to get the chance of walking on water top the temple entrance.


Ubud is one of the best places to visit in Bali. Firstly, there are so many travellers here that it’s hard not to make friends! This small town is endowed with nature, museums, temples and paddy fields, and it’s a great place to take the kids too. For the bike lovers, then they can take a bike tour across the terrain, take up local cooking and whitewashing water activities like rafting.

You can also engage in yoga activities or shopping, and the Jalan monkey forest is an ideal touring attraction for visitors – this allows the visitor to sample out the temple. For those tourists that enjoy history, make sure you experience the Kettle Drum, a place that offers the best local culture or a tour to the Elephant Cave in Ubud.

Hiking Mount Batur

One of the biggest natural attractions in Bali is the Batur Mountain. Here, visitors can go for a hiking expedition, climbing to the mountain summit at 1,700 meters. In fact, those who take the sunrise mountain climb get the best experience, because there are well marked trekking paths starting from the bottom to the peak. While hiking, check out the amazing views each side of the mountain, and during the visit you will find the active volcano on course. The mountain top also offers visitors a better view of the Caldera Lake in the South Eastern part.