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Travelling is fun, everyone knows it. Most of us have an idea on what to bring, making sure that we pack the essentials as well as keeping in mind that our travel load should not be too heavy. Knowing what to pack is important some items are better left back at home while others are literally life savers. However, there are five things not to bring when you travel;

‘Valuable’ items

If you don’t want to appear as an icon of opportunity to con artists and common thieves, you had better leave your great-grandmother’s wedding ring or your priceless Seiko Sportura watch back at home. While in a foreign country, we all try to fit in and at times even bargain with the locals. Looking like a million bucks will definitely set you apart from the locals and believe me not, you will spend more time fending off pickpockets than taking pictures of breathtaking sites. Macbooks and iPhones are one thing, but sentimental stuff is a whole new ball game. You can replace the former, but not the latter, remember that!

Things that can be bought anywhere

Try as much as possible to avoid luggage weight fees. Things such as reading materials for while you are in the plane, extra razors, shoe horns, aspirin, nail polish remover etc can always be purchased at drug stores in many places all over the world, normally for much, much cheaper!

Unnecessary gadgets

Many have packed tooth brush sanitizers, electronic language translators, portable DVDs, hotel door alarm systems etc and never got the chance to actually use them. The definition of “essential” varies from traveler to traveler .However, it is extremely important to ask yourself if your white noise machine that gets your to sleep is what you need to stuff in your already bursting backpack.

Too much clothing

Your travel load can reduce significantly, but only if you pack what you will really need. No one would like to run out of fresh underwear in the middle of a Namibian dessert however, a balance can always be found between wearing the same cargo shorts for two days and changing your outfit three times a day like a fashionista.

Too many guide books

Some of you like to be thoroughly informed and take with you up to 3 or 4 lonely planets since they all offer a little bit of everything. A stack of books can be very heavy, whereas just one comprehensive guide book will save you the trouble. If you still feel that you are not well informed, you can always surf the inter webs. Besides, wikitravel can tell you all you need in the click of a finger!

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