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Choosing the best method to travel can sometimes be a little frustrating: how do we get there? When is the next transport leaving? When does it arrive!? These questions often pop in our minds when we decide to venture out into the unknown, but that’s half the excitement of our travels!

Only one thing is for sure, you’re gonna wanna grab the best seat available regardless of your mode of transport, or you’ll be in for a much longer ride. Some people have different opinions on how they want to travel, some might want to do it slow and easy while others are rushing at 100mph from one place to the next.

White Cliffs of Dover

If, like me, you like to kick back and feel the country then traveling my boat is undoubtedly the best and with so many amazing ferry destinations around the world, there’s never been a better time to jump aboard. Here are my 5 reasons to let you know why traveling by boat is better than traveling by bus:


Traveling by boat allows you to live your stress behind you, they’re spacious, comfortable and don’t leave you fighting with your claustrophobia in the way that buses may do. Getting on a bus to get to your destination can be cramped and you won’t give you enough space to roam around and do what you want. Also, boats have lots of different amenities that you can use, from bathrooms to restaurants just to provide comfort for its guests, there’s no bus that can offer that (Justin Beiber’s tour bus aside).


It really depends how you want to travel by boat, but if you turn your back on high end cruises then traveling by boat is often pretty cheap. Also, you can bring your own meal or snacks, have a few drinks all for a fraction of the price of an ‘official’ stop on a bus route. Perfection. If you are not in a rush while wandering or if you’re feeling adventurous then the best way to save your transportation budget is to hitch a ride on a cargo ship or freight cruiser!

A Unique Experience

Having an open mind to travel is a fantastic way to experience new things. Getting on a slow ferry, cargo ship or a freight cruise can expand your mind, getting to know the crew, seeing the country at a slow pace. You can get up close and personal with the ocean or river, none of which you feel when you’re rattling around in some 3rd class bus trip. And while you’re on the boat, you can also have a glimpse of the engine room, the captain’s deck and the kitchen. It sure is a fun and unique way to experience how life works on a boat.

Great Scenery

The scenery when traveling by boat is always diverse. You get different panoramas of the sky, ocean and islets passed by all throughout the journey. If you’re on a bus, you just get stuck with a limited view of of a dirty window, or perhaps a screaming kids face. Not ideal.

Meeting People

While you may be lucky and get sat down beside some Jessica Alba look alike, it’s highly unlikely. Meeting people on a bus is tough because you’re stuck with the one person beside you, whereas on a boat where people are wandering around, having a drink, grabbing a bite, you’re much more likely to meet other travellers (or locals). That’s the true essence of the travel.


I love traveling by boat, it’s my transport mode of choice. I’ve entered countless countries on the water and I plan to do it some more as soon as possible! Happy travels!