Surfing is one of those activities that combines adrenaline, strength and a sheer love of nature as you immerse in the power and beauty of the waves. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get wet and try not to wipe out, or an expert at riding the surf, here are 5 great places around the world to hit the waves:


Oahu, Hawaii, USA

This island has some legendary pipelines that most surfers only dream of riding- on the island where surfing was born! The north shore has got lots of familiar spots, including the world famous Pipeline- with waves over six meters high. If you can manage to ride the surf here, you can consider yourself to be experiencing one of nature’s most exquisite and powerful formations.


Bali, Indonesia

The dry season is the best time to go surfing here, from May to September. There are tons of surfing schools where beginners can learn the ropes in this tropical paradise. Try Kuta for one of the most popular surfing sites, or head to Uluwatu on the southern tip for some nice waves in a more secluded location.

Nosara, Costa Rica

In a country filled with great beaches and excellent waves, Nosara stands out as a great surf town with warm water, super friendly locals and high swells year-round. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery and crystal waters, Nosara offers an unbeatable lifestyle with a relaxed vibe and great restaurants right by the beach. Take your vacation Costa-Rica style and make sure Nosara is on your list for surfing spots.


Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast has undoubtedly the best waves in Australia, a country known for its excellent surfing. There are waves of every type, from massive swells to get the most experienced surfers’ heart pounding, to more relaxed waves perfect for body boarding and learning the sport. You can travel for miles up the coast exploring the various beaches and surf towns.

Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

Check out this sandbar on the east coast where Brazilian surfing competitions are often held and if you’re lucky, you might get to check out some pro surfers taking on the waves. Enjoy the fun-loving, laid-back atmosphere and great waves year-round. After a day of surfing, kick back in one of the many bars lining the beaches and watch the sunset with some tasty local eats.