Morocco is surprisingly interesting; from the unusual goats that are amazingly skilled in tree climbing to the comfortable riads and special delicacies that will make you want to come back again.

A city break in Marrakech is full of interesting activities; dancers in the main square, the mayhem in the souks, donkey carts and bustling tourists in scooters and bicycles. You will enjoy calm and quiet in the Majorelle Gardens which is filled with rare plants and bright colored flowers. The Islamic Art Museum is filled with interesting objects from personal collections of Pierre Berge and Ives Saint Lauren. Local tribal art, jewels and carpets can also be found here.

You can enjoy an evening in the Djemma El Fna square which drastically changes from snake charmers at noon to fire eaters at night. It is surrounded by charming cafes so you can enjoy delicious delicacies as you get entertained not by a flat screen, but by brilliant medieval performances.


Barcelona boasts of rich culture and numerous attractions that keep tourists from all over the world trickling in millions! Some of the things that attract visitors are its fantastic weather conditions, gorgeous sandy beaches, soaring mountains, raving mad nightlife, and numerous sights to behold.

If sports are in your blood then this is the perfect destination for you; the marvelous Comp Nou stadium is home to renowned football stars of F.C Barcelona and is Europe’s largest stadium. Head over and watch them play live: the vibrancy of a local Spanish league match is addictive.

Another point to add to a sightseeing tour in Barcelona is to take a walk through the fairy tale land of Parc Guell which is home to the startling Salamander Sculpture. The scene of this wonderland is not only picturesque but unbelievably stunning. You will be easily forgiven for thinking you are in dream land.

It is not a wonder that Barcelona is rated as the best beach city in the world. When you visit the top beach of the seven in this grand city, it is easy to see why it attracts millions! Barceloneta is obviously the best and easily accessible from the city center.


New Delhi is a chaotic capital of India. Even with its world famous confusing traffic, wondering cows, exotic smells and you will be astonished by the tranquil green parks still in the city.

The Chandni Chowk is considered the oldest and busiest in Northern Delhi, while on your way to the mighty Red Fort stop off in this market and explore the half moon shaped stalls and also mix with the flamboyantly dressed locals.  You will be surprised by the numerous temples and even mosques in this market, talk of diverse harmony and you find it all here.

After wandering in the streets of Delhi and probably riding a rickshaw, enjoy peace and tranquility in the Lodi gardens, which is a suitable picnic site with lots of greens, flowers and trees.  You will be amazed by the contrasting difference between being in the streets and this park.

The Qutub Minar in the South of Delhi simply described as ‘one of the wonders of the world’ is a must see as you explore Delhi. It is magnificent, soaring and a symbol of victory. And when all’s done, escape to the comfort of a luxury hotel like Le Meridien Delhi which will help you recuperate after a hectic day exploring this fascinating city.