New York has been a source of inspiration and for great creative works of music, film and art and has earned its way to the worlds list of ‘Great Cities’. It is referred by locals as the center of the universe; a great break to this city will not only inspire you but leave your mind freshly entertained.

Take a two hours bicycle ride and explore the city’s most treasured gem; the Central Park. It is a vast mass of verdant views of the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture, stop off to glimpse at the model sail boats at the Conservatory water and take pictures at the Bow Bridge.

The Empire State building is New York’s tallest building and its state of the art architectural designs complement its ultra touristic nature. If you view the city from its 86th floor, you will be totally amazed by the breathtaking site. To avoid staying on long queues as you wait for your turn, book a ticket online or get a New York Pass.


Created over three centuries, this glorious city was made to impress even the most naïve traveler, its architectural splendor is easy on the eye, the wealth of its cultural treasures is intriguing and its rich history is amazing and makes it an unforgettable place. St Petersburg holidays are enchanting!

Explore the Admiral building which is originally the first building in this city, its architecture is grand and reflects imperialism with its mighty white columns and decorative statues. It is not only a major attraction but one of the important monuments associated with St Petersburg.

Just near the Admiral is the spectacular Bronze Horse Man, it is strikingly picturesque so take a photograph for memories sake. This statue inspired Pushkin the Russian writer and it was a dedication to Peter the Great by the French sculpture Falconet.

Stroll along the Nevsky Prospect which is the major avenue of St Petersburg. Here you will find fine buildings, squares and bridges; the monument of Catherine the Great is also found along this route. If time is particularly short on your schedule this is the best route to get almost all of St Petersburg in one place.


Dubai is the perfect destination for a short luxury break. It is overflowing in glitzy glamour like the seven star hotel of Burj Al Arab to gold souks in the Dubai mall; there is a lot to savour in this luxurious city. It is the ideal place to soak up in the sun on the spectacular beaches with pure white sands and dine like royalty in its high-end restaurants.

If you have had enough of the city, head to the golden mass of sand in the desert and enjoy dune bashing in an SUV, be entertained by belly dancers, do some sand boarding and enjoy a camel ride.

Take a relaxing cruise in a traditional dhow and enjoy the city passing by or ride the pristine Dubai Metro in grand style.

Visit the spicy market and intrigue your senses with the colorful heaps of tantalizing spices. Practice price haggling beforehand because the sellers are particularly good at this. Dubai holidays aren’t forgotten in a rush!