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You are probably used to transportation such as trains, buses, and boats etc well, there are other modes of transport that you are not so familiar with, probably because you have to travel in order to experience them. Fun, hilarious and unique usually characterizes these most obscure modes of transport:

Boomba train, Cambodia

An endangered mode of transport, the boomba train is also known as a Norry.It is commonly used in Cambodia mainly to add some fun when transporting tourists. The trains are powered by tractor or motorcycle engines and run up to an hour maximum .Next time you head down to Cambodia, make sure you see and ride the boomba train.

Elephant Back, Thailand

Want to explore and experience tropical South East Asia in style? Then an elephant back ride is your best ride. They offer an adventurous and unique way to explore and fully experience the sounds and sights of regional South East Asia.

Ostrich Riding, South Africa

How adventurous is this? Travel the South African outback and experience this one of a kind mode of transport ,only found here .Yes, ostriches are known to be very wild but these ones are tamed and they come with a guide so have no fear, enjoy the ride of your life with no fear whatsoever of being surprisingly pecked .

Dhow Middle East and East Africa

A traditional sailing vessel commonly used in East Africa and the Middle East. They are commonly used by locals as well as tourists from the islands to the mainland. Tourists can hire their own vessels and have fun as they experience the amazing local culture.

Auto Rickshaw, India

Commonly known as tuk tuk, it is widely used in India and Thailand. They are usually found in the cities and other major towns. A tuk tuk can up carry up to three passengers maximum (or 6 if the police aren’t looking) and are otfen way cheaper compared to cabs.

Camels, India

A ride to school or to the market on a camel is a usual thing in Asia and some African countries and people don’t even stop to stare .Children in India ride on camels to school then set it loose on the play ground to graze. Tourists also can have a ride and experience some memorable moments.

Sled dogs, Norway

Touring the North Pole? You might want to try this as your mode of transport. Sled dogs can go up to 30 miles per hour and a team usually has two or three dozens of animal. It’s usually fun and one of things that are only found in few areas. Make sure you get some bad ass pics.

Zorb, New Zealand

It mainly involves rolling down a hill in a huge cushioned inflatable ball. The rides vary from single to group rides, wet to dry, or zigzag to straight rides .This is one interesting way to find your way about New Zealand.

Junk Boat, Hongkong

They are Hongkong’s signature boats that float around Victoria Harbor. These sailboats date back to the ancient Han Dynasty and are today used as booze cruise and sunset boats for both tourists and locals. The backdrop of towering hotels and skyscrapers offer a magnificent view at nights as well as breaths of fresh air.

Totora Boat, Peru

Built to exactly resemble a dragon, these boats glide on the cool peaceful waters of Lake Titicaca. They transport locals from one exotic island to another. These boats are not only a form of transport but also magnificent works of art.

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