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No one likes to get lost but if you are a traveler it is definitely going to be one of your greatest challenges or adventure depending on how you look at it. When travelling always be prepared for unplanned situations like getting lost because it is a real possibility. That is why before embarking on any journey, remember to carry a camera to take photos of the fun times and of how lost you look because believe me getting lost is going to be much more fun than anticipated. In case you are still wondering, think of it this way.

Unexpected adventure. No one plans to get lost and so, more often than not when you get lost, you find yourself in unfamiliar territories. Instead of throwing a tantrum just take a stroll in case you are walking or drive along and you will be surprised at what you might find and see.try and talk to locals if you can find them and I am sure you will find interesting facts and tales about where you are stuck. You can also decide to engage in popular activities in the area like fishing, hunting, beer competitions etc.

Getting lost will help improve your problem solving skills. Imagine finding yourself in the middle of nowhere, it’s getting dark, you have no food, your gas tank is almost empty and you do not know anyone in the area. Many people will be able to get themselves out of these situations much easier than they think they can. And am sure from this day your map reading skills will be sharper and you will have a more accurate sense of direction.


While it might not be a totally positive experience, getting lost helps you know how you and those you are travelling with handle stressful situations. Getting lost can be nerve wrecking to say the least and you won’t believe the fun you will have just watching how everyone is handling the issue. This situation will also most probably bring you and the people you are travelling with more closer and create a need of team work. Tough travel situations always bring out the” true colors” in everyone and that is why they say before you marry someone, travel with them.

Last but not least, getting lost will ensure that you have the most interesting story to tell when you get back home. Getting lost stories are the most funny and hilarious ones you will ever hear more to it you will be sharper next time not to get lost unless you of course like to get lost.

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