There is nothing like traveling abroad with a partner. Before my wife and I met, I traveled solo in Europe, the Middle East, and Central America, thinking it was the best way to travel. Boy, was I wrong! Traveling solo has its merits, but it’s nothing like traveling with someone whose company you enjoy, judgment you trust, and food tastes you could not agree more with. But beyond the everyday tribulations of communicating, and in our case through a language barrier, sometimes you just can’t seem to find a way to connect.

When you are traveling, it is incredibly useful to take a break from each other once in awhile. But that does not mean that you want to cut all contact. Staying in touch with your travel partner is incredibly important for your relationship health as well as your safety. It is perfectly acceptable to take a one hour or even one week break from each other during your travels. Everyone needs their own time once in awhile. And even if you two find that you agree on nearly everything, there is always going to be a time where you’d like to do two different activities at the same time.

But staying in touch is incredibly important. What better way than to use a free Walkie Talkie set from Grainger?

As you look around your home and start preparing for your trip, you’re either going to need to pack up things for storage, fix the place up for a sublease, or at least weatherproof and mothball it so it will stay snug and safe during your absence. Grainger sells an incredible array of products that will help you leave your home in order. That way, when your return, everything will be just how you left it. As a bonus, Grainger is gifting Walkie Talkies for every purchase of $99 or more!

These walkies have a 24-mile range, so even if your partner wants to hit the beach while you head up to the mountains for a solo hike, you two can stay in touch!