Egypt is an ancient and historic land, however it’s not all pyramids and ancient burial sites! The country is also popular for its magnificent diving and great value all-inclusive holiday resorts on the Red Sea. Sharm-el-Sheik is the most popular of the resorts, however Nuweiba is fast becoming a rival in terms of popularity.

nuweiba egypt

I think Egypt has everything a top-class summer holiday should include, from sun and beaches, to fun and wonderful cuisine. I don’t know what else you could want really.

Sitting on the Sinai Peninsula, Nuweiba is easily reached from Taba Airport, with around an hour’s transfer. Now, I always look for a short transfer when I go away, and whilst an hour might sound a lot, trust me, I’ve had a lot worse! Besides, the resort is more than worth the transfer time.

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Like many of the Red Sea resorts, Nuweiba is a great destination for families, with plenty to do for all. Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll be heading straight to the beach, and you won’t be disappointed either. The beaches are sandy and wide, with crystal clear waters –really the typical holiday picture. Beaches can get crowded in summer, but this shouldn’t put you off.

Sometimes the beach gets a little repetitive, and I always think it’s good to get out and about, to really experience the area. A boat-trip is a must in my opinion, with diving optional. If you can, I’d certainly recommend a little snorkelling, the marine life in this area of the world is breathtaking and colourful. If you’re lucky, you may even see a dolphin on your travels. However marine-life aside, the scenery is breathtaking and I’d suggest you remember your camera, preferably an underwater one!

nuweiba egypt backpacking

The nearby mountains beg to be explored, so I’d be heading off to explore on a camel –it sounds so adventurous! Alternatively, the sand dunes are huge and imposing, so they’re also worth a visit, as well as a jeep safari, visiting nearby villages and scenic stop-offs.

Night-time entertainment tends to be resort-based, with traditional music and dancing thrown in for good measure, and a fun night for all. If you want neon lights and partying, then maybe Sharm would be more for you. However, if a fantastic sun holiday, with chilled-out evenings is on the list, then you won’t be disappointed.

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Sunshine in this part of the world is surely a given, and for visiting the underwater residents of the Red Sea, Nuweiba is a great choice. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself!