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Yes, there’s something definitely a bit clichéd about going to see tulips in Amsterdam, but when you’ve never visited a city before, it’s fun to do all those things you’ve always heard about a place but have never actually seen or done for yourself.


So are some suggestions of things you should try to see and do in the fantastic Dutch city of Amsterdam.

Ride a bike

The Dutch are famous for their great national attitude to cycling. When you’re there, make sure you hire a bike at some point and cycle along the canals. It’s great to do this at dusk as the city looks especially beautiful when all the streetlights are reflected in the canals.

Visit Anne Frank’s house

With you cheap tickets to Amsterdam sorted, no trip would be complete without visiting the former home of Anne Frank, also the place where she and her family were hidden for two years. The museum receives over one million visitors every year – don’t be left out.

Go to the red light district

You don’t need to actually go in anywhere, but just take a tour around the streets of the red light district that Amsterdam is famous for. It’s more cheesy than seedy; a bright colourful area in a kind of triangle around Central Station.

Get your skates on

A great tradition for winter holidays Amsterdam is to skate along the frozen canals. However, perhaps due to global warming, skating doesn’t happen every winter. If you happen to be there during a particularly cold snap, get down to the skate hire shop.

A tour of the Heineken brewery

Amsterdam has many different lagers but the most famous is Heineken. You can enjoy a tour of the Heineken brewery, concluding with a tasting. A great thing to do at the end of the afternoon as you can also make it the start of a great night out.