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The idea of cruising solo can be a bit daunting, however there are a range of things you can consider that will take the stress out of your planning. Solo cruising can be a great way to meet a variety of interesting new people, or it can simply be a relaxing way to have some time to yourself.

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Avoid the Singles Supplement

The hardest part about solo cruising is having to pay the exorbitant singles supplement. This is an additional cost on top of the price of your booking of up to 150% of the ticket, and is enough to turn many people away from cruising by themselves. Cruise lines have this policy to try and recoup the money lost by only having one person in a twin share room, so effectively single cruisers feel like they are paying for two people.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to get around this ridiculously high fare. Some cruise lines have introduced single studio staterooms that have been specifically designed for the solo traveller. Another options is to keep an eye on off peak sales, where the singles supplement is reduced or even waived altogether. There is also the possibility of letting the cruise line pair you up with another solo traveller if you don’t mind sharing with someone you might not have met.

Talk to the Staff

When you board the ship, there are a few key staff members that you should get to know. These are your bartender, maître d, and front of house team. By stopping by, introducing yourself and letting them know that you’re travelling by yourself, they can help you to truly get the most out of your cruise. From teaming you up with a great table of other solo travellers to keeping overly-chatty bar patrons at bay, the staff on board your cruise can really make the difference between a good solo cruise and a great one.

On Board Entertainment

A great way to keep busy during the cruise is to take full advantage of the entertainment and activities on board your ship. If you’re looking to meet some like-minded people, book one of the classes that guarantee a shared interest, such as dance, cooking or fitness. This way, you are bound to meet some people who share your enthusiasm and passion, giving you a great starting point to get to know one another. Once you have a few casual connections, you can enjoy meeting up for the occasional dinner, movie or theatre show on board.

Shore Adventures

Once again, by booking a varied range of great shore excursions you are guaranteed to share some really special experiences with other people from your cruise. Whether you want to keep to yourself or get to know your fellow travellers, it’s always fun to discuss your shore excursions with people who share the same interests.

With these top tips in mind, you’ll be ready to set sail on a truly unforgettable solo cruising experience. From a trip of self-discovery to an extended social fun event, cruising by yourself can yield a wide range of rewards and benefits. Treat yourself to a solo cruise and see why it has become such a popular way to see the world.