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Lapland is a beautiful region covering the northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden, and offers plenty of exciting ways to experience this arctic culture. Explore snow-clad mountains, tranquil forests and glittering frozen lakes- and all the adventures that go along with the- in a relaxing and adventurous holiday to Lapland.

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Snow Holidays in LaplandIf you’ve got a week to spend in Lapland and want to experience the variety of winter adventures the region has to offer, there’s no better way than taking this package holiday. An experienced guide will take you through the mountains on a reindeer safari, you’ll ride in a sled pulled by huskies, go snowmobiling and visit the Snow Village- made entirely of, you guessed it- snow and ice! Accomodation, food and flights are all incuded, so kick back and enjoy this wintry wonderland.


Experience the Northern Lights- On a clear and dark night, the very northern location of Lapland is a magical place to watch the sky light up with rainbow hues, especially from September-October and February-March. An old Asian belief says that anyone who sees the Northern Lights will live happily ever after- even if it’s just a legend, it’s an experience never to be forgotten!


Lainio Snow Village- An unforgettable experience is to be had if you stay at this Village built entirely of snow and ice! Each year, the village is built in a unique way with different architectural and interior designs, always offering a new experience. Stay in a snow hotel, eat at a snow restaurant and explore the various caverns and rooms in this icy wonderland.


Auttiköngäs- Hike out to Auttiköngäs waterfall, found in Northern Finland’s old growth forest region- the area has never been logged, so the forests are all virgin land. A day trip out here will give you magnificent views across Lapland and a stunning waterfall which cascades into a 16-meter deep canyon.


Tobogganing- Ever want to just channel your inner child, jump on a sled and go barreling down a snowy mountain without a care in the world? You have ever reason to in Lapland, where you can ride Finland’s longest toboggan run from Kaunispää Fell to Saariselkä. Most hotels in the area will offer toboggans to loan for free, so grab the kids (or just your inner child) and get on the slopes!