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You are in an airport expecting a flight and for one reason or another your flight has been delayed quite a really nasty thing right? Now that you are in this situation you have to keep yourself entertained or less risk getting bored to death. Apart from taking the usual nap you can try and make most of use of the time you have especially if you were connecting a flight and have landed in a country you have never really toured this might be your one chance to catch a few glimpses here and there. Ideas of things to do in an airport when you are delayed are inexhaustible.

Visit the duty free shops and check out what is for sale. These shops do sell quite a range of commodities and gifts making it quite a place to visit instead of taking the long naps on the usually uncomfortable chairs. Here you can buy gifts if you have some extra cash and more so you stand a chance of getting some really nice things at quite an affordable pricing if you don’t have any cash window shopping is also a good time killer.

You can also take this time to check out the travel costs of new destinations that you had plans of
visiting in future. Be courageous and use this chance to make some new friends at the airport. You can start by making a simple conversation with that attractive young lady on how the flight delay has been a setback for you, a good chance to get those digits.

You can also got to the gym if the airport has a gym facilities for travelers .You will need to ask out first to confirm this .It will be a time well spent if you make way to the gym instead of forcing yourself to sleep or just lazing about .This is also the best time to reconnect with the long lost friend s by calling them, With all the time in your hands it is the perfect time as you are less likely to have your call interrupted.

Funny delays also give you the best chance to take a many pictures as you want of the place. You can take different pictures even with new found friends and post them on Facebook it gives you something to talk about with your friends thousands of miles away they might also give some new ideas on what to do.

Now you have always been courageous and bold enough to dare anything and always wanted to lead something right? Now this is your best chance collect other stranded passengers and start a flash mob you might get a million hits on you tube.

Just remember to be creative and imaginative, the ideas are endless.

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