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Okay you are just bored and out of nowhere you decide to go out country definitely your pockets weight will determine how far from home you go. No need to waste money and time making expensive travel plans; in fact you are just postponing your partying experience and fun in short just postponing your enjoyment. Grab your bags and catch a flight to any of the following countries they and you are guaranteed to spend the least.


If you are looking for fresh new look at nature and wildlife, then this is where you need to be. This country is beautifully endowed with amazing landscape and scenery. One thing you surely can’t miss is the lake. Lake Malawi has clear waters stretching all the way to north of the country near Tanzania. If diving and snorkeling is your love, then this is the place to do your thing. To the south is Liwonde National Park which is nearly 600 square kilometers of unspoiled nature. Get your gear and be ready to explore a wide variety of plants and animals. There are also several mountain biking trails for you to fully explore this magnificent piece of nature.
Malawi also has cheap places where you can spend the night which go for as low as 5 dollars a night furthermore there are very little if any restrictions on the number of people who can stay. Roadside kiosks serve local foods that are also cheap so your food is taken care of. You can also ask for the local beer and you will be gladly shown where to buy it.


Romania has a rich beautiful history and some are majestically represented by communist monuments and magnificent cathedrals in the capital Bucharest that are worth exploring and the best places for those photos that make your friends admire your lifestyle. Then there are the vampire stories which Romania is so famous for I don’t mind listening to one vampire tale after the other, and then you have found your place. Don’t forget to cut some stories short so as to explore the northern part of the country.

I bet your will be awestruck by the beautiful farmlands and mountains there. Accommodation are cheap, you can easily get a hostel for prices ranging from 7 to 15$ a night. Don’t forget to pick up a Romanian food recipe book it is so easy to fall in love with the local dishes.


Descriptive Sentence: Getting a destination that is so richly blessed with beautiful islands, endless beaches, rich and unique culture and at the same time cheap, are not easy. Indonesia is all the above and more. This is the place where you will not find enough time to explore the beautiful islands, and get to know the local diverse cultures or attend the amazingly popular night parties in the capital of Jakarta. Much of Indonesia still remains unexplored. Its alabaster beaches, diverse cultures, wildlife wonders and friendly people will make you want explore this archipelago for a little longer than you had planned for. For affordable accommodation, make sure you do your research on sites such as Expedia for the best deals on short or long term stay.

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