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We’ve all wanted to skim a few bucks off our already not so huge travel expenses and slept in airports. Some of you might think it sounds cheap but you should totally read on, you will definitely be surprised on how comfy the following airports are. The list of airport sleepers has since lengthened .Flight cancellations, snow storms, erupting volcanoes, and riots are just some of the reasons why. Persons of all ages and incomes sleeping on airport floors across the globe have since joined us  backpackers. Just be careful with your stuff when you’re catching some Zs, a lost bag or two can be a trip-ruiner, also make sure you find cheap travel insurance online to cover you just in case.

The following airports are the best place for you to have a good night’s sleep in comfort and cleanliness and wake up with no backache or a stiff neck.

sleeping at Changi Airpot

Sleeping at Changi Airpot, Singapore



Apart from napping areas and comfy snooze chairs, the Changi Airport, has a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, music lounges, free wi fi, internet cafes, video games, pay in lounges and prayer rooms for the religious. The most fascinating thing about the airport is that you can’t ever get bored. The entertainment deck consisting of a movie theater and playstations will surely keep you busy. The airport’s bathrooms are also super clean you probably get tempted to stay a couple of nights even if you have money for a hostel.



The airport has comfortable places to sleep including chairs with footrests and adjustable armrests as well as reclining chairs. The schiphol airport offers 1 hour of free wi fi as well as gym facilities for those who like to keep fit, museums and art exhibits, meditation room,showers,6D motion theaters, baggage storage just but to name a few.



A spacious establishment and one of the best airports in the world, the Hong Kong International airport is designed to offer passengers a comfortable and entertaining time while in the airport. It has airside resting zones, free wi fi, a playstation gateway, the largest 4D movie theater in Asia, 24 hour food and drink cafés, internet kiosks, showers, 24 hour pay in lounges among others.  The airport is usually very busy, so if all the comfy surfaces that a person can stretch on are taken, you should try the lounge chairs hidden behind the shrubbery.



Usually promoting it self as more than an airport, it surely is and this is why: the airport has beach volley tournaments…cool huh? , free aviation themed movies, wi fi, airport tours and 24 hours food and drink cafes. With all these exiting facilities, it will be a wonder if you still want to get some sleep but if you really must lie down, you might want to try terminal 2, the resting zones there are super comfy you might even miss your flight. You should know that the airport offers laundry facilities, it would be wise to get that sweaty T-shirt you have been wearing for days cleaned.



The airport does not offer a lot on the entertainment side but it is perfect for a good undisturbed sleep throughout the night. The airport is usually pretty quite and finding a comfy place to crush is not a hassle. There are 24 hour food cafes available on airside and landside areas. Other facilities include free wi fi, showers, art displays and affordable pay in lounges.