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Travelling across the world is always anybody’s dream and desire .It is always a break from the normal routine and one has time to enjoy himself while viewing and enjoying the natural scenery and landmarks. As usual we all want to travel cheaply and be able to save some money for other activities for instance buying gifts and souvenirs etc. However the idea of coming back home to a cleaned out bank account is not the least bit welcoming and thus keeping our choice of travel country on check.

The cost of touring a country always vary depending on many factors however some countries are just bitterly expensive compared to others .Lets consider some of the most expensive countries to travel.


Among the most expensive countries to visit on the planet is Switzerland. Okay the country is well endowed with beautiful landscapes and attractive sites furthermore high class accommodation and hotels are numerous. Very enticing, but you have to squeeze a little more from your pocket to enjoy all these. For instance hotels an average hotel in Switzerland will charge about 90 Swiss francs that’s roughly 90 dollars a night, hostels run around $30 for a dorm – so couchsurfing is a great option here. Restaurants in Switzerland serve expensive dishes making the stay quite costly. To keep your expense low you can make use of public transport and cook for yourself at the hostel. This is one country you have to reconsider visiting unless you have an equally fat bank account. Just one look at house prices here is enough to terrify anyone, now at Stranded Passengers, We know money but you’ll want a seriously good mortgage broker to sort you out here!


Japan also falls on this list of the most expensive countries to visit; this is regardless of whether you are visiting Osaka, Tokyo or anywhere in between. You will spend a lot on accommodation here. Bullet trains cost a bomb and the cost of food could terrify you. Admissions to galleries is more than us westerners are used to too. If you are planning to visit Japan make an effort of staying at homestays, eating noodles in 7/11 etc Also get yourself a bicycle to move around town cos you’re gonna want to save on cab costs.


Closing the list of the 3 most expensive countries to visit is Angola. Now that’s a real shock. Angola tops the list of the most expensive countries in Africa. For instance a room for two in a good hotel will cost on average 420 US dollars for two nights. There are no hostels, the visa is a pain in the ass and the flights will break the bank. Maybe one day Angola, maybe.

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