In today’s busy world, not everyone can drop everything and go on holiday for a week or two. Similarly, many people choose to work remotely from locations around the world. Whichever camp you fall into, the need to stay connected to those back home and at work is often at the forefront of many travellers’ minds. If you’re heading off an adventure and worrying about how to keep in touch without spending a fortune, our quick guide can help.

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Firstly, if you’re likely to need to keep in contact frequently consider taking a laptop, tablet or smart phone with you on your travels. While the idea of taking a load of technology with you on an exotic island escape might not seem very romantic, having a device that can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi is an invaluable tool for keeping in touch. Even in the most far-flung corners of the globe you will be surprised to see how many bars, restaurants and hotels offer free Wi-Fi for patrons, meaning that for the cost of a cup of coffee you can catch up on all your emails, update your social media and browse the web as much as you need.

Another great invention for the well-connected traveller is the rise of apps and software that allow you to make free calls across the world. On your phone or tablet, apps like Viber and NetTalk let you send text messages and make phone calls to anywhere in the world completely free of charge, while Skype lets you do the same with the added bonus of video chat. Even if you’re not taking your own phone or laptop with you you’ll find that many internet cafes in destinations popular with travellers feature Skype pre-installed on their computers, which you can hire along with microphones and web cams for a reasonable fee.

Many people let their current ties get in the way of their desire to travel the world, feeling like they have too many commitments at work or at home to be able to relax and see the far-flung countries they’ve always dreamed of. But with all the innovations in technology making staying connected an easy and affordable option wherever you are, more and more people are taking the plunge and never looking back.