If you need some great reasons why the only place you need to visit on holiday next is Los Cabos, then keep reading because I am sure you’ll be ready to hop online and book your trip by the time you finish!


  1. There’s never an argument about whether you’re going fishing or shopping. Usually on a holiday there’s a negotiation about what you’ll do for the day, but in Cabos you can head out open sea fishing, whilst those in your party that don’t like fishing can head to Luxury Avenue to shop till they drop.
  2. The food in Cabo is absolutely second to none! We’ve all been to a Mexican restaurant back home and I am sure you absolutely loved what you tasted. But trust me when I say you have seen nothing yet! In Cabo you’re going to drool over the food. You can choose to eat in a high-class restaurant or from a tiny taco shop; whichever you choose you will never be disappointed.
  3. The hotels are amazing and so are the other accommodation options. There’s something here to suit any budget and any type of traveller. My personal favorites are the Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals because you get your own luxury home, which guarantees ultimate privacy. Before you book a hotel make sure you see what vacation rentals are available for your dates.
  4. The sunsets here are more beautiful than anywhere else in the world, no holiday to paradise is complete without a perfect sunset. So find a great spot on the beachside, order up a cocktail and enjoy the scenery that Mother Nature paints for you.
  5. The landscape in Cabo is ridiculous! By that I mean it’s ridiculously beautiful, these magnificent rock formations line the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Make sure you hop on an eco boat ride that will take you to hidden coves and caves – you’ll need your camera to be fully charged because these once in a lifetime sites are worthy of hundreds of photos.

Let me know if you have any great reasons why people should visit Cabo San Lucas this year. I am always keen to hear your thoughts and experiences. Just put your musings down in the comment section below.