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With the summer season comes that time of the year when you can bask in a sunny stadium, enjoy hotdogs and cheer for your favorite baseball team. Yes, baseball season is back with a bang, and it is time to plan those adventurous baseball trips again.


If you intend on planning a tour with the family, baseball trips can be a fun option. Everyone must take this trip once in their lives; it is enjoyable for all age groups, and is very different from the other vacationing options. There is a reason why they call it the Great American Pastime!

If you are feeling adventurous, you can plan a road trip to all the baseball stadiums, else schedule only a few stops if you plan to stay on a small route. You may always begin with the Baseball Hall of Fame at New York City; it will be an informative start to the trip, as the museum and hall of fame is packed with pointers about baseball history. Do not miss out on this one if you are traveling with children. Moreover, if you are lucky to plan your trip that way, you might be able to go to the inductions event at the Hall of Fame.

For attending the baseball games and events, it is important to get hold of the complete calendar beforehand. Check annual guides and online season schedules to find out when and where your favorite professional teams are playing. If you also plan on seeing college baseball games, you may find the schedules on the college websites.

It will be memorable if you plan your baseball trip around events like the Major League Baseball All-Star Game or the NCAA College Baseball games. Any non-game events relating baseball can also be added to the trip.

This spring break, baseball fans can also visit the Major League Baseball spring training sessions. It can be fun watching new players try out for baseball teams; or if you consider yourself a pro, you may grab your baseball gloves and bat, and try out yourself!

Before heading out on the baseball trip, get confirmation of your game tickets; the most convenient option is to buy all the tickets online. Make sure you choose your favorite seats on the seating chart to avoid disappointment! Traveling from one city to another will also require you to arrange bed and breakfast for yourself.

Baseball trips can be ridiculously addictive. If you love the game, this won’t be your last game trip for sure! Attending back to back games on a sporty road trip can be both fun and liberating for the sports lover.