The summer festival season is hotting up, and all around the country music lovers are checking their tents for leaks, airing their sleeping bags, and getting their wellies ready. In recent years, the reputation of many UK festivals has taken a battering. With overpriced food and drink, and expensive tickets to contend with, many revellers are looking to Europe to feed their festival addiction.

Hurricane Festival

The Hurricane Festival, often referred to simply as Hurricane, takes place just outside Bremen in Germany every June. The festival started in 1973 with vintage musical greats such as Chuck Berry, Lou Reed and Jerry Lee Lewis.

After a break following a scandal and subsequent rioting in 1977, the festival was reinstated in 1997 and has since gone from strength to strength. Today, it has a reputation as one of the best alternative music festivals in Europe, and is famous for being the scene of David Bowie’s heart attack in 2004, making it the stage of his last liveconcert to date.

This year’s line-up is packed with outstanding alternative bands including Arctic Monkeys, The Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of the Stone Age, Bloc Party, Portishead, and Kasabian, as well as European talent such as Sigur Ros and German industrial rockers Rammstein.

Hurricane is just one of a bunch of incredible festivals taking place across Europe every summer, and there are many great reasons for heading to the continent for your summer festival fix. For a start, ticket prices are much cheaper than most UK festivals, but you’re also buying a whole new experience. Attending a European festival gives you the opportunity to make international friends and have a holiday at the same time.

Exploring Bremen

Bremen is a metropolitan city in north Germany where tradition and innovation meet. The city centre is home to a UNESCO World Heritage site in its 600-year old town hall, while the Schnoor Quarter is a quaint area with old buildings lining the narrow streets, which are filled with unique boutiques, cafés and restaurants.

However, this fascinating old city is also home to a number of science and technology centres. Here, you can reach for the stars at a leading aerospace centre, with displays showing how astronauts live and work on the space station.

And if you haven’t had your fill of partying, Bremen is famous for shutting its bars and pubs only when the last person leaves, so head to town and dance the night away.

Travelling to Germany

With a little creativity and planning, it’s possible to get to Hurricane without blowing your budget. There are numerous cheap flights between London and Germany, and drivers benefit from a number of cost-effective parking options at Stansted Airport, making it easier to get to than a number of UK festivals.

If you’re planning a summer festival or two, why not head to Hurricane for an alternative music feast and throw in a city break in Bremen while you’re there.If you’re convinced, then don’t hang around. With a line-up this good, tickets are bound to sell quickly and you don’t want to miss out.

Just don’t forget your wellies – we’re still in northern Europe after all!