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There are tons of different ways to see Chicago when you come. Take a boat tour on the Chicago River, visit all the pizzerias, take a stroll through the famous museums or maybe get a little wild and act out movie scenes from some of your favorite Chicago films. The Windy City has played a large role in some of the most popular films, from the classics to last year’s blockbusters. Check out top attractions, beautiful neighborhoods of some of the famous hotels in Chicago where your favorite actors once spent their days, filming the scenes of the movies we’ll never forget!

Ferris Bueller's day off

Ferris Bueller’s day off

The Fugitive
To relive a fast and furious adventure, perhaps head to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day. This is one of the biggest annual events in Chicago, so whether it’s just for the movies sake or you’re really ready for a wild run, you’ll definitely have an unforgettable experience in Chicago during this time of year. But then again, it actually might be very forgettable – St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago tends to do that to people. Head to the Chicago Hilton and the Four Seasons to live out some of the action scenes, but it’s probably better to avoid the scenes at the Cook County Hospital if possible.

The Dark Knight
It’s hard to live up to the unforgettable Christian Bale scenes in this world, but it doesn’t hurt to pay a visit to one of his most famous Chicago movies. Rent out the penthouse Bruce Wayne’s penthouse suite at Hotel 71, rough up some crooks in a dark parking garage (or don’t) or grab some BBQ and a drink at Twin Anchors in Lincoln Park. There are actually 34 Chicago locations that are featured in the Dark Knight, so if you want to do them all you might have your work cut out for you.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Head over to the famous Art Institute of Chicago with your own girlfriend and best friend for a day of goofing off and letting loose. Living out this movie may actually be the best way to really see Chicago, rather than experience a piece of fiction. The film features some of the most famous attractions in Chicago like The Willis Tower (it was then the Sears Tower), Lake Shore Drive, Wrigley Field and The Downtown Loop. You might want to focus on the actual days off while you’re here, but if you want to live out the school scenes, you’re more than welcome to try that out too.

High Fidelity
While you might not see John Cusack working at the record stores you visit in Chicago, there will be a few recognizable things from this movie, which was set in the Windy City. The actual record store doesn’t really exist – they used an abandoned building in Wicker Park, but many of the buildings, like Lane Tech High School, are very real. This movie characterizes Chicago more than it highlights all the great places to visit here. Chicago, according to High Fidelity, is a place to grow, dream, find yourself and live your life.



Tons of other movies have been filmed in Chicago, like The Blues Brothers, Risky Business, Public Enemies and Superman: Man of Steel to name a few. You can live out many of your favorite movie scenes in this city, but one awesome way to get a real feel for the movies is on one of the Chicago tours that takes you around the city, focusing on all the scenes filmed in these famous locations! They’re a great way to get a closer look at the city you saw on film, and to use as a reference in films to come! Take a movie tour, or combine all your favorite gangster movies and TV shows, as well as some of the nonfiction happenings in Chicago, during one of the gangster tours that take you around to warehouses, bars and hotels that played a role as the hangout for some of the most notorious gangsters in Chicago’s prohibition era. No matter how you do it, or what you learn, there’s really no wrong way to see the Windy City.

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