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For generations now, the stag night has been seen as one of the highlights of the wedding for the groom and his mates. Given the perilous state of many people’s finances, planning a fun stag weekend that doesn’t cost the earth is a balancing act well worth performing.

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The perfect send off 

Spending on stag nights or stag weekends has grown on average over the past few years. According to the BBC, the average spend for each guest is  238, including travel and accommodation ( When planning a stag weekend, one of the first considerations has to be cost. You should think about whether the people you invite are likely to be able to afford this. There is little point in planning a week-long blow out to Vegas if those you want to attend aren’t going to be able to make it due to the cost. But surely the groom deserves better than a night out in town, starting in Wetherspoon’s and seeing what happens?

Making a stag night inclusive will ensure that as many of the people you want to be there can attend. Remember that for some, an overseas stag weekend by provides an excuse for them not to be there if they need one. According to the Guardian, whilst people who care will try to attend wherever you hold your stag weekend, some people can’t afford to go abroad, so will always be unable to go (
Looking to a destination 

When scouting for a destination, it may be best to find a place where you can find transport, accommodation and activities that are low budget without being cheap and rubbish. Research is key at this point and be prepared to spend a good couple of hours looking online for flights, hostels and activities. Remember that the benefit of booking a dirt cheap hostel is not going to be outweighed if you have to pay top dollar for your flights, so again finding a balance is necessary.

Activities for the weekend 

When considering the activities you will enjoy throughout the stag weekend, it is worth taking into account the ages and tastes of the group. Stag night staples such as the lap dancing bar may not be appropriate depending on the attendees. Knowing the guests well will help greatly in this. Again, to keep costs down, look for group bookings, or even make it clear to the people attending that whilst things like the meal and drinks in the evening are the main events of the weekend, other activities can be skipped if funds are low.

The key to sorting out the perfect weekend is research: learn more about the people attending, the destinations and activities available there and all other aspects of the weekend. If you are struggling to find the right activities, companies such as Chilli Sauce have a database of clubs and activities that can be chosen and adapted to craft the ultimate weekend. They also have great experience in organising unforgettable stag weekends abroad.